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1947 Conference

Ernest Osborne, a prominent NCFR leader, was appointed program chair of the National White House Conference on Family Life by President Harry S. Truman. This conference was held May 5–8, 1948, in Washington, DC, with the opening reception held at the White House. Concurrently, David Mace and other leaders were preparing for a World Conference on the Family, to be held in Paris in June 1948. Leaders of NCFR were busy on all fronts. May 4–11, 1947, was declared “National Family Week” by a consortium of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ, the Intercouncil Committee of Christian Family Life, […]

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1946 Conference: New Foundations for Marriage and the Family

The 1946 Annual Conference was held April 6–8 at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. The theme was “New Foundations for Marriage and the Family.” The concurrent sessions were all sponsored by the eight special subject area national committees, the precursors to our sections today. The conference itself was cosponsored by 46 other organizations interested in the same goals as NCFR, for example the YMCA/YWCA, Salvation Army, Red Cross, and several colleges. The first day was dedicated to working sessions of each of the eight national committees. These included: Economic Basis of the Family, chaired by Benjamin Andrews Education for Marriage and Family Life in […]

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1944 Conference: Problems Facing the Family in the Post War Period

The fourth Annual Conference was held June 18–20 at the Stevens Hotel, Chicago. The theme was “Problems Facing the Family in the Post War Period.” It was intended to be a “working” conference rather than one comprising paper presentations. By this time, seven study committees had been formed, and each of them conducted “roundtables” at the conference. The overarching concern permeating discussions appeared to be the professional education of marriage and family counselors. This focus arose from the issues of the military returning from a bloody war and the fact that the family disciplines were fairly new. The standing committees reflected many of these […]

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1943 Conference: Marriage In War Time

Pearl Harbor hurled the United States into World War II on December 7, 1941. By 1942, the country was fully involved. NCFR’s Annual Conference that year had been scheduled for December 28–30, with the theme  “Marriage in War Time.”  In cooperation with the Office of Civil Defense, the conference was canceled in order to keep train travel reserved for the military troops. The 1943 Annual Conference, which was to have taken place May 21–23, 1943, was also canceled, for the same reasons. However, during those years, NCFR members and the growing affiliates were busy.

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1941 Conference: Family Preparedness

Three weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, NCFR held its conference in New York City, at the Park Central Hotel, from December 29 to 31, in conjunction with that of the New York State Conference on Marriage and the Family. More than 500 attended.  The conference theme was “Family Preparedness.” Topics included legal aspects of the defense program as they affect marriage and the home; problems of American youth and national defense; economic aspects of national defense; economic aspects of national preparedness; and education for marriage and family life as a means of strengthening national security in the community, the high school, and […]

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