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Awards in 1981–82

The Burgess Award went to a British scholar, Peter Laslett; Gerhard Neubeck, UMN was presented with the Osborne Award; Charline J. Warren, National Extension Homemakers’ Council Inc. of Longview, Washington, received the Distinguished Service to Families Award; Rowan A. Wakefield, Wakefield Washington Associates, received a Certificate of Commendation. The 1982 Reuben Hill Award was given to Carl Hornung, Claire McCullough, and Taichi Sugimoto for their work, “Status Relationships in Marriage: Risk Factors in Spouse Abuse.” The Student Award was presented to Joan Patterson, UMN and later at the University of Calgary.

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Membership and Awards in 1980–81

paoluFor the first time in four years, the membership dues was increased to $50.00 for individual members and $25.00 for student members. Read the March 1981 Newsletter V26 N1 Read the May 1981 Newsletter V26 N2 Read the August 1981 Newsletter V26 N3 Read the December 1981 Newsletter V26 N4 The Osborne Award recipient was Beatrice Paolucci of Michigan State University. The Distinguished Service to Families Award was presented to Chaplain Major General Richard Carr, Washington, DC. The Certificate of Commendation went to Lena DiCicco of the Cambridge and Somerville Program for Alcoholism Rehabilitation, Somerville, MA. Evelyn Millis Duvall, well-known author, charter NCFR Member, and former Executive […]

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Membership and Awards in 1979–80

NCFR members were given their choice of two of the three journals with their membership and the option of receiving the third at a reduced rate. Read the March 1980 Newsletter V25 N1 Read the May 1980 Newsletter V25 N2 Read the August 1980 Newsletter V25 N3 Read the December 1980 Newsletter V25 N4 The First Reuben Hill Award was presented to Walter R. Gove, Michael Hughes, and Omer R. Galle for their article, “Overcrowding in the Home.” Gerald Leslie, former NCFR President and University of Florida professor, was awarded the Osborne Award. Marvin B. Sussman, Unidel Professor of Human Resources, University of Delaware, was the recipient […]

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Awards in 1978–79

Mary Lou Purcell, then a professor at Stephens College, was the Osborne Award recipient. She went on to teach at Auburn University. The Burgess Award was given to Glen H. Elder of Cornell University. He later taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Distinguished Service to Families Award went to John Money, Professor of Medical Psychology at Johns Hopkins University. The E.C. Brown Foundation and Levi Strauss & Co. received Certificates of Commendation for their work on families. Catherine Surra Stump of the University of Arizona was the recipient of the Outstanding Student Award. Runners-up were Walter Schumm of Purdue University; […]

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Awards in 1977–78

The Burgess Award went to noted gerontologist Ethel Shanas of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Mary E. Heltsley of Iowa State University was the recipient of the Osborne Award. The Distinguished Service to Families Award went to Norman Fenton, Superior Court Justice in Pima County, AZ. McDonalds Restaurants received the Commendation of Merit Certificate. The Outstanding Student Award was given to Rosemary Smith Nelson of the University of North Carolina, Greensboro; runners-up were David Weiss, Douglass College, Rutgers University; Karen Smith Wampler, University of Georgia; Joan M. Druckman, University of Alabama—Birmingham; and David Fournier, Oklahoma State University.

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Awards in 1976–77

Ivan Nye, past recipient of the Burgess Award, gave his address on “Is Choice and Exchange Theory the Answer?” The 1977 Osborne Award was given to Evelyn I. Rouner of Central Michigan University. Murray A. Straus, a sociology professor at the University of New Hampshire, was the 1977 recipient of the Burgess Award. Read the February 1978 Journal of Marriage and the Family announcement about Murray Straus being presented with the Burgess Award The Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to Muriel Brown, Parent Education Consultant, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Commendation Award recipients were Clark E. Vincent of Bowman […]

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Awards in 1975–76

The 1975 Burgess Award recipient was Bernard Farber, who gave his address on “Kinship Mapping and Family Organization. Ivan Nye, was the 1976 Burgess Award Recipient. He was the director of the Boys’ Town Center for the Study of the Family at the time. The Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to Meyer Elkin, Superior Court Judge, Los Angeles. John w. Hudson, Dept. of Sociology, Arizona State University was recipient of the Osborne Award. Carolynne M. Kieffer, University of Missouri, Columbia received the Student Award with runners-up being  Timothy Brubaker, Miami University and Vaughn Call, Boy Town Research Center, […]

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Awards in 1974–75

The Osborne Award was given to Wallace Denton, Director of Family Therapy at Purdue University. Bernard Farber of Arizona State University received the Burgess Award, and Pauline G. Boss, of the University of Wisconsin (later of the University of Minnesota), received the Student Award. Runners-up to this award were Jeanete Coufal, University of Wisconsin; Helen Rytz, University of Michigan; Joan Hoffman Smith, University of Michigan; and Bonnie Staley, Colorado State University. The Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to David Mace and Vera Mace, founders of the Association of Couples in Marriage Enrichment and long-time leaders of NCFR.

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Awards in 1973–74

The Osborne Award recipient of 1974 was Mary W. Hicks of Florida State University. The Burgess Award went to Robert O. Blood, formerly of the University of Michigan and then in private practice in Ann Arbor, MI. Ruth Jewson, the Executive Officer of NCFR, became the first recipient of the Distinguished Service to Families Award. The first Certificate of Commendation was awarded to Elizabeth Noland Jackson of the Social Health Association of Indianapolis, IN. Douglas Sprenkle of Purdue University was named Outstanding Student of the Year. Certificates of Merit went to Vincent Rue of the Saint Thomas More Clinic in California; Charles Figley of Purdue University; Peter […]

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Other Activities in 1972–73

A Student Award Committee was activated to raise the necessary funds to continue the Student Award. In addition, the award became partially supported from the sale of the Graduate Program in the Family: Student Perspectives and, later, by a rebate of a portion of the student registration fees from the Annual Conference. The Executive Committee sent a telegram to Sen. Walter Mondale (D-MN) applauding his concern for the impact of government policies on families.

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