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Other Activities in 1999–2000

Under the leadership of Francisco Villarruel, the number of NCFR media entries increased to 97. NCFR increased its visibility nationally through press releases and contacts with reporters and was cited in  USA Today, the Associated Press, CBS Networks, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Also, several members appeared on TV, including William Doherty and Kay Hyatt. Outreach to Pacific Rim countries continued in efforts to establish Pacific Rim Family Life Education Certification. On March 23–24, Mary Jo Czaplewski, Executive Director emeritus, and Carol Matusicky, Director of the BC Council for Families, conducted successful seminars on family life education to over 800 teachers and […]

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CFLE in 1999–2000

The Experience Recognition process became available to established family life educators. Applicants had to meet a combination of  experience and degree requirements in order to apply under this streamlined process. The Experience Recognition process was made available in February, to remain open until December 31, 2000. NCFR joined the Coalition for Professional Certification (CPC). The CPC was formed in 1997 for the purpose of encouraging every certification organization to present a unified voice in Washington, with the intent of increasing the visibility and value of certification programs within employment settings. NCFR Executive Director Michael Benjamin, President-Elect Carol Darling, and Certification Director Dawn […]

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Membership and CFLE in 1998–99

NCFR continued to attract international members through the conference and through the Internet. Read the March 1999 NCFR Report Magazine Read the June 1999 NCFR Report Magazine Read the September 1999 NCFR Report Magazine Read the December 1999 NCFR Report Magazine NCFR announced the Experience Recognition application option for established family life educators. This process was intended to be available for a limited time, until a CFLE exam was introduced. The NCFR Academic Program review had approved 41 programs. One hundred eighty-two applications for Provisional approval had been received through the Abbreviated Application process, available to graduates of NCFR-approved programs.

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Other Activities in 1997–98

Margaret Feldman continued to be the NCFR volunteer representative in Washington. NCFR membership in the Coalition of Social Science Associations (at $575/year) kept her busy monitoring federal grants legislation for social science research. During the year, she attended meetings of federal agency groups such as the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect and Advisory Board meetings of the National Institute of Child Health and Development and the Interagency Task Force on Family Statistics. Marilyn Bensman, NCFR Representative to the United Nations, attended the Department of Public Information briefings meetings of UN NGO Committees on The Family, Aging, Mental Health, and […]

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CFLE in 1996–97

CFLE reported that 99 applications were received in 1997, including 16 abbreviated forms from graduates of approved academic programs. Retention stood at 97% for both yearly and 5-year renewals. Almost 95% (94.5%) submitted continuing-education credits. Eighteen college and university programs had been approved. Discussion of a more consistent and measurable review process took place. Review committee members included Jim Ponzetti (chair), Lynn Blinn-Pike, Connie Simenson, Sylvia Stalnaker, Tim Brubaker, and Bernita Quoss. In October 1996, the University of Wyoming was the first school to apply and be approved for program approval. Messiah College and Kansas State University were both approved and recognized at the 1996 Annual Conference. The […]

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CFLE in 1995–96

In October 1996 the University of Wyoming became the first school to apply and be approved for program approval. Messiah College and Kansas State University followed and were approved as well, and all three were recognized at the 1996 NCFR Annual Conference. The CFLE Standards Revision Task Force was formed and met to clarify the standards and criteria needed for certification. Their task was to develop more definitive review criteria and identify measurable minimum standards. NCFR counted 200 new members brought into the organization by the CFLE program since 1994, providing a steady source of revenue to NCFR and strengthening the sections, especially […]

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Other Activities in 1994–95

The International 4th World Conference on Women was held in Beijing, China, September 4–15,1995. Over 189 countries and governments attended and ratified the platform statement. Marilyn Bensman, Margaret Feldman, Harriette Pipes McAdoo, M. Janice Hogan, Lynda Walters, and Mary Jo Czaplewski were involved over a 3-year period. Meetings were held in Vienna, Austria; New York; and Beijing/Huairou, China. NCFR sent McAdoo, Feldman, and Czaplewski as official delegates with observer status to these two Chinese cities (i.e., Beijing and Huairou). There they presented a workshop on Family Life Education, Research and Policy. Others from NCFR who attended were Verna Hildebrand, Lucy Jackson Bayles and Dorothy Cudabeck. […]

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Membership and CFLE in 1994–95

There was a 3% increase in members over the year, but nonrenewals kept member numbers rather stable, rather than rising. Read the March 1995 Newsletter V40 N1 Read the June 1995 Newsletter V40 N2 Read the September 1995 Newsletter V40 N3 Read the December 1995 Newsletter V40 N4 In September 1994, a Family Life Education Teacher’s Kit was published. In March 1995, NCFR’s Certification Director presented a CFLE workshop to U.S. Air Force family support personnel in Germany and England. Thirty-six applications were submitted as a result. In April 1995, the NCFR Board approved development of Academic Program Review Committee to develop a review process for […]

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Other Activities in 1992–93

Executive Director Mary Jo Czaplewski and Margaret Feldman attended the International Union of Family Organizations conference in Vienna, Austria, May 6–9, in connection with the International Year of the Family sponsored by the United Nations. Plans were underway with the leadership of Jan Hogan and Lynda Walters for the NCFR International Year of the Family Workshop to be held in Black Mountain, NC, in July 1994. Theme chosen was “One World, Many Families.” Karen Altergott edited a special publication with that title. She received 13 manuscripts and needed five more to complete the book. Henry K. Sokalski, UN High Commissioner on the International Year […]

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CFLE in 1990–91

In January 1991 the CFLE Task Force met in Fort Worth, TX. Their goal was to redesign CFLE program to make the department self-sufficient. In April 1991 the NCFR Board voted to continue to support the CFLE program. The Task Force proposal included revision of the application process, increase in the application fee, introduction of member/nonmember rates in place of the requirement that applicants be NCFR members, increase in yearly maintenance fee, increased promotion of the Provisional Certification option, reduction of one 1/4-time support staff position, reactivation of state coordinator’s program, and development of “teacher’s kits.”

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