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Other Activities in 1992–93

Executive Director Mary Jo Czaplewski and Margaret Feldman attended the International Union of Family Organizations conference in Vienna, Austria, May 6–9, in connection with the International Year of the Family sponsored by the United Nations. Plans were underway with the leadership of Jan Hogan and Lynda Walters for the NCFR International Year of the Family Workshop to be held in Black Mountain, NC, in July 1994. Theme chosen was “One World, Many Families.” Karen Altergott edited a special publication with that title. She received 13 manuscripts and needed five more to complete the book. Henry K. Sokalski, UN High Commissioner on the International Year […]

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Other Activities in 1989–90

In June, the NCFR CEO participated in the filming of a news brief about NCFR and families and health in the year 2000 as part of a cosponsored program with Weight Watchers to be shown September 6 & 7, 1990, at a Washington conference launching the U.S. Health and Human Services “Year 2000 Health Objectives.” These would be released on public media later that year. NCFR had conducted a hearing for the Department of Health and Human Services at the 1987 NCFR Conference.

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Other Activities in 1988–89

By 1989, the headquarters office on County Road B in St. Paul was too small for the growing staff and activities of NCFR. The lease was not renewed because of a child care service which needed the space. After much searching, and the Board’s decision not to move to Washington, DC, due to cost, NCFR moved to northeastern Minneapolis, at 40th and Central Avenues, and enlarged its space to 3,500 sq. ft. at the cost of $8.50/sq. ft. It was custom designed for NCFR and, after selling the old Army surplus furnishings to raise $6,000, 3-year old well-coordinated furniture was purchased from an […]

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Other Activities in 1987–88

The Family Resources Database (FRD) hired a new director, Dr. Rocky Ralebipi, whose doctorate was in Library Science and Database management. She added descriptor codes to all the data. Four hundred fifty prepaid orders for the 1986 volume of IMFL were collected. NCFR began to do searches for its members at a low cost, and a user manual for the database was written. Contracts were signed with other international database companies, such as BRS, Dialog, and ETSI. FRD staff included Craig Roberts, consultant; Dianne Vigenser, keyer; and Elaine Morrow, proofer.  Joseph Bremner, President of Database Development, Inc., served as a consultant. Board discussion took […]

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Other Activities in 1986–87

Given the President’s emphasis on fundraising, a special event—“Focus on the Future of Families,” chaired by Britton Wood—was held. It was a one-woman show based on five generations of women from one family. Also, Matti Gershenfeld spoke on “Looking Forward Toward NCFR’s Second 50 years.” During that year, a total of $28,726 in pledges was raised. This was the first of a 5-year fund campaign. Most of those funds went to NCFR Awards endowments. Britton Wood succeeded Graham Spanier as Fund Development chair. There were three subcommittees formed: the Committee of Former NCFR Presidents, chaired by Lee Axelson; the Committee […]

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Affiliates and Other Activities in 1985–86

The Michigan Council on Family Relations sponsored the hospitality room at the national conference, as well as the opening reception. At the November Board meeting, the CFLE program was approved for special recognition of professional competence and contributions. It was to be marketed as the “Experience Recognition Program.” Family Life Educators with 5 or more years’ experience were invited to submit applications through June of 1988. The CFLE Standard Application program would continue to be in effect for those with less than 5 years’ experience as Family Life Educators. Dr. Joyce Portner was hired in June to direct the CFLE program at 10 hours per […]

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Other Activities in 1983–84

The Public Policy Committee reported in December 1983 on two initiatives in Congress to address the needs of families: (1) The Family Protection Act and (2) the activities of the House Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families. A survey of public policy issues revealed strong NCFR member support for ensuring timely child support payments, requiring high school students to take a course in family life education, and development of a catastrophic illness insurance program and tax incentives for families caring for elderly or handicapped members. The NCFR Board voted to accept recommendations by the Family Action Section and the […]

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Affiliates and Other Activities in 1982–83

Matti Gershenfeld was appointed chair of a Committee on the Development of the Congress of Affiliated Councils. Each Section was asked to appoint a representative to the Family Resource and Referral Center Steering Committee to supervise quality control and to promote the center among the Section constituents. A news release about the Richard Gelles position paper, “How Families with Violent Members Can be Helped,” was sent to 800 organizations. Bert Adams, President-Elect, was appointed chair of a search committee for an Executive Officer to replace Ruth Jewson. NCFR continued to support National Family Sexuality Week, along with a number of […]

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Affiliates and Other Activities in 1978–79

By the end of the 1970s, there were 40 state, two provincial, three regional, two local, and two student Affiliated Councils of NCFR. An international seminar on “The Child and the Family” was sponsored at Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota, by the International Section and the Committee on Family Research of the International Sociological Association. The NCFR Resource and Referral Center, under the direction of Margaret Bodley, began functioning at headquarters, funded by a grant from the Stewart Mott Foundation. The Center—far ahead of its time as a database—was established to accomplish the following tasks: (1) collect, index, and store and retrieve family-related information for […]

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Affiliates and Other Activities in 1977–78

Vi Rexford chaired the Affiliated Councils in 1978. A District of Columbia Council was established that also included Maryland and Virginia members, which were in close proximity to DC. Marie Peters and David A. Baptiste wrote a paper on the current and future roles of racial/ethnic minority members in NCFR.  A position statement on “Concerns of NCFR’s Black Members” was accepted. Robert Staples, Marie F. Peters, and David Baptiste organized a minority caucus that became the Ethnic Minorities Section of NCFR. Representatives of this section were placed on the NCFR Board of Directors and on all standing committees. A voluntary system of identifying […]

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