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Other Activities in 1971–72

Medora S. Bass was appointed chair of a task force on Sterilization Laws and Rights of the Mentally Handicapped. The Research and Theory Committee organized workshops on research methodology at the University of New Hampshire, under the direction of Murray Straus, and at Brigham Young University, under the direction of Boyd Rollins. The first edition of Graduate Programs in the Family: Student Perspectives (1972), written by graduate students, became available. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology Liaison Committee, to which NCFR had two representatives, sponsored a 4-day intensive workshop for 25 doctors and their wives on various aspects of […]

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Other Activities in 1969–70

A resolution was sent to the National Conference on Citizens’ Rights in Broadcasting, urging them to bring to the attention of the TV networks the need for improving the portrayal of sex roles and family roles. NCFR also c-sponsored six 2-week courses on Family Life Education at the University of Minnesota, Colorado State University, Sheridan College, (Ontario, Canada), George Williams College (Chicago), the University of Iowa, and the University of Northern Iowa. NCFR and the American Home Economics Association cosponsored a national workshop on “Family Life Education Re­-Examined: Petition for the 70’s” at the University of Indiana, chaired by Evelyn I. […]

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1953 Midwest Ad Hoc Conference on the proposed U.S. Family Department of Welfare

In 1952, NCFR was instrumental in organizing a Midwest Ad Hoc Conference on the proposed U.S. Family Department of Welfare. The purpose of the conference was to facilitate interprofessional consideration of family welfare and the implications of a proposed federal welfare department. It took place in Chicago on February 27, 1953, and was sponsored by NCFR, nine midwestern state councils, and several other organizations. NCFR President Robert Foster presided over the conference. Chair of the day was Fred Hoehler, CEO of the Citizen’s Committee of Greater Chicago and former Director of the Illinois Department of Welfare. Keynote speakers were Helen Ross, Administrative Director of […]

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1948 White House Conference on Family Life

NCFR leaders and members were deeply involved in the planning and execution of two very important conferences during this year that demonstrated the importance of the family in social history and increased the need for better defining the field of family studies. The White House Conference on Family Life—held May 6–8—had been in the planning stages for 4 years. Ernest G. Osborne, the President-Elect of NCFR, was appointed program coordinator of this most important event, which was strongly supported by President Harry S. Truman. One hundred twenty-five major national organizations, having a combined membership of 40 million members from the fields of education, […]

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NCFR—Public Policy Interests in 1946

Almost from its inception, NCFR was interested in policy and its effects on families. For example, in 1946, the Committee on the Economic Basis of the Family (forerunner to today’s Family Policy Section) adopted the following resolution approved at the annual business meeting: The NCFR urges that price control by the federal government be extended to June 30, 1947 by the enactment of Congress of HR5270—the bill which amends and emergency price control act of 1942—without crippling amendments. We urge that rent control be extended to June 30, 1948. We urge Congress to enact the minimum wage act and to do this, […]

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