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Structure and Governance in 1994–95

As NCFR’s assets and publication sales increased, so did its equities and financial policies. NCFR asset portfolios grew to $569,988; thus, new policies were enacted. An Electronic Technology Task Force worked on the implementation of an electronic home page for NCFR’s programs and services. Several task forces were assigned to review NCFR’s governance policies for the Board and Sections. In October 1995 a new policy manual was approved that included policies for the Annual Conference, Association of Councils, the Board, Certification, Inventory of Marriage and Family Literature, Membership, Publications, Public Policy, Sections, and staff/headquarters management. All Board members were to have […]

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Structure and Governance in 1992–93

The Affirmative Action Committee was chaired by Tony Jurich, and the Long-Range Planning Committee was chaired by Felix Berardo. A new process for nominations to NCFR offices was adopted. A revised statement of beliefs about families for use in public policy activities was proposed by Barbara Settles and adopted.

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Structure and Governance in 1991–92

Peggy Dilworth-Anderson, chair of the Minority Issues Committee, gave some recommendations to the Board: (a) encouraging editors of the journals to commission papers on minority issues, publish special issues, and include minority issues in the Decade Review; (b) work with the Conference Program Vice President to include racial/ethnic minorities in the decision making and planning of the program for the Annual Conferences; c) as a board and organization, make special efforts to recruit racial/ethnic minority professionals and students to NCFR membership. That year, the NCFR fiscal year dates were changed from January 1–December 31 to July 1–June 30 in order to accommodate […]

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Structure and Governance in 1990–91

New Board Policy Handbooks were compiled and distributed to all Board members, to be passed on to subsequent boards during the board orientations. Invested reserves of NCFR had risen to $462,084, maintaining an average return of 8%. Staff were restructured at headquarters to include a Marketing Coordinator. By December 1990, NCFR revenues reached $1,000,000, with an excess of $26,000 in revenues over expenses.

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Structure and Governance in 1989–90

The Strategic Planning Committee for the future of NCFR was identified as the major Board activity. President-Elect Lynda Walters was appointed chair of this committee, which was scheduled to meet in January. The Stevens Group continued to consult with the committee on this important project. Both strengths and weakness of the organization, as well as core values, were identified as a guide to NCFR’s longevity. These included overall excellence in programs; financial stability; NCFR’s diversification; organizational stability (its long history); integration, continuity, and efficiency of structure; and appreciation for multidisciplinary views. At the April 6, 1990, Board meeting the strategic plan was unveiled, including constitutional […]

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Structure and Governance in 1988–89

In the previous year, the Board began working on a strategic planning process. This year a consulting group, The Stevens Group, led by Pamela Harris, was hired to begin working on a comprehensive strategic plan that would include surveys of members and other groups. This process was begun in April  1989. The Board met with Harris at the new headquarters in Minneapolis. During the year, many meetings were held and research, including surveys, were sent to members.

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Structure and Governance in 1986–87

During this year the NCFR central office changed its accounting system from a cash to an accrual accounting form and computerized all the financial management systems in order to be more accurate as a nonprofit organization. The year ended in a balanced budget of $171,266. Greer Litton Fox became chair of a long-range planning committee charged with the responsibility of providing a vision of the future and general strategies for the NCFR.

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Structure and Governance in 1987–88

When the new Executive Director took office, it was discovered that NCFR was in a sizable financial deficit, in part due to the cash method of accounting. After a Board discussion, the financial accounting system and records of NCFR were changed from cash to accrual accounting done by the CPA firm of Fraser & Carpenter Ltd. (Accrual meant that revenue was recognized when it was earned instead of when it was received.) The entire accounting system was also converted to a computer system, which began to function in January 1988. The year-end 1987 budget was balanced at $693,610 despite a fund […]

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Structure and Governance in 1985–86

The Board voted to retain the current Board membership and structure but to reactivate the Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Past President, Association of Councils chair, and Executive Director (ex officio). This committee functioned as a decision-making body for urgent issues only during those times that the full Board was not in session.

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Structure and Governance and Awards in 1984–85

The Board approved a policy requiring all proposals of new programs or projects to be accompanied with a detailed economic impact analysis statement. Robert S. Pickett of Syracuse University received the Ernest G. Osborne Award. U.S. Rep. George Miller (CA) was presented with the Distinguished Service to Families Award. The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health and James B. Hunt, Past Governor of North Carolina, received  Certificates of Commendation. The Reuben Hill Award was given to Elizabeth Mutran and Donald C. Reitzes. Kay Young McChesney, University of Southern California, received the Student Award.

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