Affiliates in 1941

During this time, through the efforts of Ernest Burgess and a wide network of professionals, the state and regional conferences were proliferating. The New England Conference on Tomorrow’s Children held a 3-day conference at Harvard University. The Rocky Mountain Regional Conference was making plans for a series of meetings. The Southern Regional Conference on Family Relations held its second meeting at the University of Alabama. The Southern California Conference on Family Relations was held in Los Angeles. Other states—Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Virginia—all sponsored well-attended conferences.

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Journals and Publications in 1941

The journal Living, which had up to this point been edited by Paul Sayre, changed names to Marriage and Family Living. Ernest W. Burgess became the new editor and held that position for 11 years. At this time the journal began to accept paid advertising. This was a paid advertisement for the new book written by Catherine Groves, daughter of Ernest Groves and Gladys Groves, who was also a family counselor. The book was entitled Get More Out of Life: How Troubled People Can Find Help and was published by Association Press.

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Membership in 1941

By 1941, NCFR’s membership stood at 1,200 members. The Conference faced a $1,800 deficit, which was liquidated by the end of the year. Annual dues were raised to $2.50, which included a $1.50 subscription to the journal Marriage and Family Living and free admission to the annual meeting. Annual joint dues for national and state affiliated membership were $3.00. This marked the beginning of financial support from the national group to the affiliates and states. Read the 1941 NCFR progress report

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Structure and Governance in 1941

Committees on Religion and the Family and on National Defense were added to NCFR, making a total of three education committees. Evelyn Millis Duvall, who was Executive Director of the Association for Family Living, was elected Secretary–Treasurer of the Board. At this point, there were 14 active NCFR state affiliates that had held conferences. In an unusual move, the new officers were elected for a calendar year starting January 1941.

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1941 Conference: Family Preparedness

Three weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, NCFR held its conference in New York City, at the Park Central Hotel, from December 29 to 31, in conjunction with that of the New York State Conference on Marriage and the Family. More than 500 attended.  The conference theme was “Family Preparedness.” Topics included legal aspects of the defense program as they affect marriage and the home; problems of American youth and national defense; economic aspects of national defense; economic aspects of national preparedness; and education for marriage and family life as a means of strengthening national security in the community, the high school, and […]

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Leadership in 1941

During Ernest R. Groves’s tenure as NCFR President, membership increased, the deficit was liquidated, and dues were increased and, under Ernest Burgess’s editorship, the journal Living would receive a new name and thrust. The following biography of Ernest R. Groves is adapted from the archives of North Dakota State University: Ernest Rutherford Groves was born May 6, 1877 in Framingham, Massachusetts to Henry Hunt and Hannah Sweard Groves. He received his B.D. from Yale Divinity School in 1901 and his A.B. from Dartmouth College in 1903. Professor Groves later received honorary doctorate degrees from Florida Southern College in 1942 and from Boston University in […]

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