NCFR—Public Policy Interests in 1946

Almost from its inception, NCFR was interested in policy and its effects on families. For example, in 1946, the Committee on the Economic Basis of the Family (forerunner to today’s Family Policy Section) adopted the following resolution approved at the annual business meeting: The NCFR urges that price control by the federal government be extended to June 30, 1947 by the enactment of Congress of HR5270—the bill which amends and emergency price control act of 1942—without crippling amendments. We urge that rent control be extended to June 30, 1948. We urge Congress to enact the minimum wage act and to do this, […]

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Affiliates in 1946

Two new Canadian councils were formed that year: the British Columbia Council, with Fred Tyler of the University of British Columbia as President, and the Saskatchewan Council, with Christine Smith, Director of Health and Education for the Province, as President.

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Membership in 1946

The NCFR membership form began to appear in issues of Marriage and Family Living and defined membership as “open to specialists engaged in research, teaching, and service, and to others professionally interested in a better understanding of family living and of strengthening American family life.” The dues that year were defined as being at the national and state levels with a subscription to Marriage and Family Living for $3.00. Students joined in blocks through their professors and paid $1.00. That year, the first membership survey was done with a profile of the 1946 members as follows, indicating the wide diversity of […]

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1946 Conference: New Foundations for Marriage and the Family

The 1946 Annual Conference was held April 6–8 at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. The theme was “New Foundations for Marriage and the Family.” The concurrent sessions were all sponsored by the eight special subject area national committees, the precursors to our sections today. The conference itself was cosponsored by 46 other organizations interested in the same goals as NCFR, for example the YMCA/YWCA, Salvation Army, Red Cross, and several colleges. The first day was dedicated to working sessions of each of the eight national committees. These included: Economic Basis of the Family, chaired by Benjamin Andrews Education for Marriage and Family Life in […]

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Leadership in 1946

Larry K. Frank became NCFR’s sixth president at the end of 1946. He immediately set out to change the name of NCFR from the “National Conference on Family Relations” to the “National Council on Family Relations,” which became official on January 11, 1947. Frank was one of the leading parent educators in the nation and was, for many years the Director of the Carolyn Zachery Institute of Human Development. He worked with the Laura Spelman Memorial Fund; was Vice President of the Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation; and was a visiting professor and lecturer at many institutions. He served as president of the Gerontological Society […]

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