1948 Conference: Personal and Professional Relationships in the Family Field

The 1948 Annual Conference was held in Chicago at the Sheraton Hotel, November 25–28. The Theme was “Personal and Professional Relationships in the Family Field.” NCFR celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special banquet. Muriel Brown was program chair, and President Ernest Osborne gave his Presidential Address on “The Role of the Professional in Family Life Education.” Curbstone sessions, in which members wishing to discuss professional concerns could meet in small informal discussion groups, were introduced. Single rooms at the hotel were $4.50, and the conference registration fee was $1.00. By this time, the number of meeting days had been extended to […]

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1948 World Congress on the Family and Birth of the IUFO

Another coalition on the international level became an NCFR focus in 1948: that of the World Congress on the Family, to which 300 delegates from 28 countries from both governmental and private agencies interested in family social and cultural issues attended. Representing NCFR was Abraham Stone, MD, President of the American Association of Marriage Counselors. Delegates from the American Embassy in France and UNESCO were among the participants. The Congress was divided into five sections: (1) Family Standards of Living, (2) Housing Problems, (3) Women’s Work and the Family, (4) Relations Between Parents and Children, and (5) The Role of Family Organizations in the […]

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1948 White House Conference on Family Life

NCFR leaders and members were deeply involved in the planning and execution of two very important conferences during this year that demonstrated the importance of the family in social history and increased the need for better defining the field of family studies. The White House Conference on Family Life—held May 6–8—had been in the planning stages for 4 years. Ernest G. Osborne, the President-Elect of NCFR, was appointed program coordinator of this most important event, which was strongly supported by President Harry S. Truman. One hundred twenty-five major national organizations, having a combined membership of 40 million members from the fields of education, […]

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