Leadership in 1950–51

Nadina R. Kavinoky, the first female President of NCFR, was a Swiss-born gynecologist who received her MD at University of Buffalo (New York) and was a visiting lecturer at the University of Southern California. During her presidency, NCFR participated officially in several important national conferences: the Mid-Century White House Conference on Children and Youth, the Federal Civil Defense Conference, the National Commission on Teacher Education and Professional Standards, the National Conference on Aging, the National Education Association, and the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO. The following is an excerpt from Kavinoky‘s Presidential Address: Fortunately in the last few years we are beginning to appreciate the […]

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Journals and Publications in 1950–51

David Mace was selected as International Editor in August 1951. He was responsible for foreign copy. Thus, he translated an article submitted from the International Union of Family Organizations by Robert Boudy. That year also raised the question of whether the journal Marriage and Family Living (MFL) should be the voice of NCFR and its affiliates or whether there should be a newsletter to carry organizational news. The cost of maintaining two editorial offices was too expensive, and loss of internal control was cited. Receipt and allocation of payments to MFL belonged to the headquarters office. Additional conflicts between the journal […]

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Sections in 1950–51

In 1951 the following sections were functional: Economic Basis of the Family Teacher Preparation Education for Marriage and Family Living In Colleges, in the Schools and in the Community Marriage and Family Counseling Marriage and Family Law Marriage and Family Research Mass Media Parent Education Religion and the Family The first two were eventually replaced by “Housing and Family Welfare” and “Family Development Through Cooperative Nursery Schools.”

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Structure and Governance in 1950–51

Robert Foster was chair of the committee to appraise and revise the NCFR Constitution and thus was responsible for defining the function and relationship of NCFR to its committees and crafting guides for future development. In October 1951, Nelson Foote was authorized to conduct a survey of the objectives and programs of NCFR and the organization’s place in the total picture of family life education and NCFR’s relationship to other organizations and to analyze executive duties. This was completed in January 1952. The report led to dissent among leaders. Some believed in expanding NCFR’s membership and scope and that it should serve as an action group on public […]

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1950: Leadership and Awards

The new budget for 1950 provided for a part-time paid Executive Secretary, a job Evelyn Millis Duvall again accepted. Later, in 1951, a sum of $3,000 toward her back salary was paid to her. As Ernest Burgess completed the first quarter of 1950 as Editor of Marriage and Family Living, Gladys Groves was preparing to increase the journal’s page budget to 104. Groves, with Reuben Hill as Associate Editor, published two special issues that year. Volume 12, Issue 2, highlighted “Issues in Marriage Counseling,” and Volume 12, Issue 3, was a special issue on “Groves Conference.” To honor the dedicated work […]

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1950 Conference: The Family Looks at the Expert

The 1950 Annual Conference was held at the University of Denver, CO, September 5–7. The theme was “The Family Looks at the Expert.” This was the first time that several hundred families of the NCFR leaders and members from 40 states attending were at the conference also. It started a precedent for the next several years, of planning places where families could enjoy fellowship and fun while learning.  The American Sociological Association held their joint meeting at the same time, and the two organizations sponsored a dinner session at which Leonard S. Cottrell, Jr., American Sociological Association President; G. Horace Hamilton, Rural […]

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Affiliates in 1950

State and regional councils continued to grow. In 1950, the first county-level Council on Family Relations was established in Cumberland County, NC. Mrs. William Saunders was the President. Meetings of the affiliates continued to be held across the country.

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Journals and Publications in 1950

Gladys Groves became the third editor of Marriage and Family Living, effective with the Spring 1950 issue, after Ernest Burgess’s retirement. The editorial office was moved from Chicago to Chapel Hill, NC. The last issue of Marriage and Family Living for 1950 (Fall) was devoted to papers on family life education and marriage counseling. The 1950 volume contained 164 pages, quite an increase. Another new feature in the journal was called “The Problem Box.” It was intended to meet the needs of NCFR members who encountered difficulties in teaching, counseling, and research techniques or content. The members were asked to send […]

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Other Activities in 1950

The First Interdisciplinary Workshop on Marriage and Family Research took place in Chicago, August 1950. This national workshop was sponsored by NCFR’s Committee on Marriage and Family Research and directed by Evelyn Millis Duvall. Eleven different disciplines were represented: from biology, anthropology, economics, experimental psychology, and religious education;  as well as law, educational psychology, home economics education, human development, child development/parent education, and sociology. Attendees came from 14 states. The workshop discussed the differences in conceptual systems that affect the approach to family data, the diversity of interests, and semantic obstacles to communication. The motto became “Enriched unity out of disciplinary diversity.”  A […]

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