Awards and Journals and Publications in 1959–60

Urie Bronfenbrenner and Edward C. Devereaux received the 1960 Ernest Burgess Award. Ivan Nye was the editor of Marriage and Family Living. His first issue was February 1960, and he continued through November 1963. The Teacher Exchange added a section on “Research Finds,” prepared by Evelyn Millis Duvall. Practical information was included on such topics as student marriages, what kinds of husbands and wives teenagers expect to be, what kinds of parents they will be, and homemaking tasks.

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Membership in 1959–60

The total membership was tallied at 2,800. In addition, 1,055 libraries carried subscriptions to Marriage and Family Living. The leading states were New York, with 322 members; California, with 207; Illinois, with 144; Ohio, with 142; Michigan, with 125; and Indiana, with 95. Canada had 36 members, and all foreign countries combined had 44. There were 642 college teachers among the members, as well as 206 clergy members, 152 high school teachers, 113 physicians, and 109 marriage counselors. Other professions included social workers, psychologists, administrators, lawyers, nurses, extension and adult educators, researchers, and journalists. Read the March 1960 NCFR Newsletter Read the May […]

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Structure and Governance in 1959–60

The 1960 Executive Committee consisted of the following: President: Harold T. Christensen President-Elect: David R. Mace Past President: Aaron L. Rutledge Secretary: Esther Middlewood Treasurer: Frederick E. Berger Editor, Marriage and Family Living: Ivan Nye Membership Chair: Gerald R. Leslie Members-at-Large: Donald Brieland, Msgr. Irving A. DeBlanc, Wallace Fulton, and Eleanore B. Luckey The NCFR annual budget was reported to be $30,000. In addition to supporting its own publications and programs during the 1960s, NCFR paid dues or made financial contributions to the International Union of Family Organizations (IUFO), U.S. Committee; IUFO Scientific Commission at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Family Life Education […]

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Leadership in 1959–60

The 17th President was Aaron Rutledge. He had served as the director of the Division of Behavioral Sciences in the Department of Family Medicine at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. He was also director of the Grosse Pointe Psychological Center. For many years he was head of the Counseling & Psychotherapy Program at the Merrill–Palmer Institute. He also served as President of the American Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. The following is an excerpt from Rutledge‘s Presidential Address: Whether or not they know it, all counselors are dealing with unconscious material. For too long the admonition has been that […]

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Journals and Publications in 1958–59

Ivan Nye was appointed Editor of Marriage and Family Living for 1960–63. He added a new department, “Articles in Brief,” as an additional publication outlet. William Smith was editor of the “Teacher Exchange” section, and Edward Z. Dager prepared a review of family research for the journal. Read the March 1959 NCFR Newsletter Read the May 1959 NCFR Newsletter Read the October 1959 NCFR Newsletter

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Awards and Affiliates in 1958–59

The first Ernest W. Burgess Award for 1958 went to Mildred B. Kantor and Howard S. Gall for their research entitled “Some Consequences of Physical and Social Mobility of Families for the Adjustment of Children.” The Minnesota Council on Family Relations offered annually as many as six 1-year NCFR membership awards to promising persons in the fields of law, social work, ministry, high school and college family life teaching, marriage counseling, and journalism. The purpose was to encourage their participation in both the Minnesota Council on Family Relations and NCFR.

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Structure and Governance in 1958–59

Sections and chairs that year were as follows: Community, chaired by Esther Prevey Parent Education, chaired by Lloyd Lovell Religion and the Family, chaired by Edward Zerin Cooperative Nursery Schools, chaired by LaVern LaMaque Family and Life Education in Schools, chaired by Florence L. D. Heal Family and Life Education in Colleges, chaired by William M. Smith Research, chaired by Ivan Nye Counseling, chaired by Blaine Porter  

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1959 Conference: Growing Individuals Within the Family

The Annual Conference in 1959 was held at Iowa State University, Ames, August 19–21. The theme was “Growing Individual Values Within the Family.” Aaron Rutledge was the program chair. William F. Kenkel was the local arrangements chair. The underlying question of the entire conference was how professionals, organizations, and families could help the individual develop a value system that would be increasingly meaningful in a complicated world. General sessions followed by small discussion groups were devoted to conflict patterns in American culture, values and family life, the learning of norms through great literature, sex ethics and sex acts, and human needs. A dialogue […]

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Leadership in 1958–59

Henry A. Bowman became the 16th NCFR President, serving through 1959. He was a professor at the University of Texas. Earlier he had taught at Stephens College, where more than 6,000 students took his marriage course. His textbook, Marriage for Moderns, was used by hundreds of thousands of undergraduate students. He also wrote A Christian Interpretation of Marriage. His articles appeared in numerous scholarly and popular magazines and collection of readings on marriage and the family. Bowman had spent some time in Australia and New Zealand, working with the National Marriage Guidance Councils under a grant from the U.S. State Department. In […]

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