Other Activities in 1968–69

Family Life Education seminars were cosponsored by NCFR during the summer at Purdue University, Central Michigan University, Oklahoma State University, Brigham Young University, and the University of Colorado. Blaine Porter was chair of the committee that prepared the criteria for workshops and seminars cosponsored by NCFR and the various universities. There were 42 affiliate groups listed as members of NCFR.

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Journals and Publications in 1968–69

A special issue of the Journal of Marriage and the Family, on “Cross-Cultural Research,” was published, with Harold T. Christensen as Co-Editor. The circulation of the Journal of Marriage and the Family to libraries stood at 3,345, and Family Coordinator was distributed to 835. Permission was granted to reprint 443 articles from NCFR journals between 1965 and 1969.

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Membership and Awards in 1968–69

Membership had declined a little, to 4,277. Read the March 1969 Newsletter V14 N1 Read the May 1969 Newsletter V14 N2 Read the August 1969 Newsletter V14 N3 Read the October 1969 Newsletter V14 N4 Read the November 1969 Newsletter V14 N5 William Goode received the Burgess Award. His accomplishments helped bring status to family sociology as a field of scholarly pursuit. Richard N. Hey of the University of Minnesota and Sylvia Sacks of the University of Pennsylvania, shared the Osborne Award. The recipients of the first Annual NCFR Film Festival Awards were announced by Mary Lou Purcell, chair of the committee, who had reviewed […]

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Structure and Governance in 1968–69

At the 1969 Annual Conference a group of students and young professionals, led by David Olson and Roger Rubin, established a Family Action Group. In its brief 48-hour existence the group was recognized by the NCFR Executive Committee and given Committee and Section status in the organization. The committee’s purpose was the handling of organizational matters and the setting of objectives and priorities for family action. It was to be primarily responsible for planning the program of the Family Action Section at annual meetings. At that same time, students and young professionals were added to the Board of Directors and […]

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Leadership in 1968–69

Elizabeth S. Force, 26th President, was one of NCFR’s charter members and a noted pioneer  family life educator at the secondary level. She taught one of the earliest family life education courses, in Toms River, NJ. She also worked with the American Social Health Association for several years. After her retirement, she was NCFR’s representative to the United Nations and tirelessly served on several family commissions there up into her 90s. She died at age 104 and remained active, living independently and alert to the end. An excerpt from her Presidential Address follows: Among us will be many who feel that our preparation […]

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Affiliates in 1967–68

Affiliated Councils chair was Obert Kempson. Joseph Burroughs gave the following report on Affiliated Councils with the following recommendations based on data collected, consultation, and study: Bylaws Section 4 be amended to read: “State and Regional Councils which share the purposes of the NCFR and desire to become integrated units of NCFR may become divisions.” Add new section 5 to bylaws: “Agencies and organizations sharing the same purpose as NCFR and desiring mutual communication and cooperation may become affiliated organizations.” Bylaws Section 5 become Section 6 and read: “Dues for divisions of FR Councils be in common with the NCFR […]

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Awards and Journals and Publications in 1967–68

The recipient of the Osborne Award was James Walters, one of the early family life newspaper columnists, whose “Family Life Today” column appeared regularly in the New York Sun. Robert Winch, of Northwestern University, received the Burgess Award. In 1968, NCFR began publishing The Family Coordinator, a publication concerned with education, counseling, and services in the family field. From 1952 to 1967—16 years—it had been published as the Family Life Coordinator, by E. C. Brown Trust Foundation in Portland, OR. William M. Smith was Editor in 1968–69. The birth of Family Coordinator (later named Family Relations) was accompanied by the […]

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Membership in 1967–68

Membership dues that year were $12.00 and included a subscription to Family Coordinator as well as to the Journal of Marriage and the Family. Bob Coombs reported that there were 1,519 returning members of NCFR. Read the March 1968 Newsletter V13 N1 Read the May 1968 Newsletter V13 N2 Read the December 1968 Newsletter V13 N4

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Structure & Governance in 1967–68

The Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution requesting that the major emphasis of the 1970 White House Conference on Children and Youth be on the role of the family. The resolution called for a focus on issues that relate to children and youth growing up in diverse kinds of families and then moving out of their families of origin into families of their own. While being cognizant of all significant changes and development since the 1960 conference, it was proposed that it should deal with such issues as The problem of authority and permissiveness in the family, as these relate […]

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1968 Conference: Man and His World

The 1968 Annual Conference took place at Hotel Jung, New Orleans, LA, October 16–18. The theme was “Man and His World.” At the opening session, William C. Nichols and a panel of women discussed “Looking at Work and Family: A Male Dilemma.” Other plenary speakers were Joseph H. Douglas, National Institute of Mental Health Staff Director of the 1970 White House Conference on Children and Youth, and Leo Perlis, Director of the Department of Community Services, American Federation of Labor. There were also five special sessions on the influence of men’s worlds in developing concepts and patterns of masculinity. The section sessions developed by […]

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