Other Activities in 1970–71

NCFR and the American Home Economics Association (now American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) cosponsored a national workshop on the family at Indiana University. The theme was “Family Life Education Re-examined: Action for the 70s.” Evelyn Rouner was chair. Muriel Brown and Felix Berardo represented NCFR on task forces for the 1971 White House Conference on Aging. Evelyn Millis Duvall compiled a bibliography on Aging Family Member Roles and Relationships. At a special concerns session on the older family, organized by Ruth Jewson, she discussed familial, marital, and sexual needs of the aging. David Mace and James A. Peterson […]

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Journals and Publications and Affiliates in 1970–71

Special issues of the Journal of Marriage and Family contained articles on sexism in family studies. NCFR held special meetings at the Annual Conference on the topics of publicity and promotion for affiliates and citizen participation in family relations programs. Norma Newmark of the Tri-State Council, represented NCFR in working with the National Conference of Citizen’s Rights in Broadcasting.

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Awards and Membership in 1970–71

The Osborne Award winners in 1971 were Rose M. Somerville of San Diego State University and Richard K. Kerckhoff of Purdue University. The Burgess Award recipient was George Peter Murdock of the University of Pittsburgh. The Student Awards were presented to Marie Withers Osmond of Florida State University and to K. Dean Black, President of the Bioresearch Foundation, Springville, UT. Read the March 1971 Newsletter V16 N1 Read the May 1971 Newsletter V16 N2

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Structure and Governance in 1970–71

In January of 1971, President Gerald Leslie appointed a self-study committee, with Leland J. Axelson as chair. He charged them with finding answers to the two questions he posed at his inauguration (“How can NCFR better serve its members?” and “What role should NCFR take in the panoply of national organizations, and what role should it play in public affairs?”). Under Axelson‘s guidance a membership sample of 25% of all NCFR members were sent a comprehensive questionnaire. At the same time, an expanded committee with Janet S. Brown as chair received the results of the survey, analyzed them, and incorporated them into a […]

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Leadership in 1970–71

Gerald Leslie became NCFR’s 28th President. He was a sociology professor at the University of Florida and was a prolific textbook writer. Shortly after assuming office, he was quoted as saying, “The NCFR is alive with change—a chief topic of discussion at Executive Committee and Board Meetings. NCFR is seeking to redefine its mission.” His questions to the members were “How can NCFR better serve its members?” and “What role should NCFR take in the panoply of national organizations, and what role should it play in public affairs?” An excerpt from Leslie‘s Presidential Address follows: Not long ago a colleague whose specialty […]

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Other Activities in 1969–70

A resolution was sent to the National Conference on Citizens’ Rights in Broadcasting, urging them to bring to the attention of the TV networks the need for improving the portrayal of sex roles and family roles. NCFR also c-sponsored six 2-week courses on Family Life Education at the University of Minnesota, Colorado State University, Sheridan College, (Ontario, Canada), George Williams College (Chicago), the University of Iowa, and the University of Northern Iowa. NCFR and the American Home Economics Association cosponsored a national workshop on “Family Life Education Re­-Examined: Petition for the 70’s” at the University of Indiana, chaired by Evelyn I. […]

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Journals and Publications in 1969–70

William C. Nichols succeeded William Smith as Editor of Family Coordinator. Carlfred B. Broderick began his 5-year term as editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family. The November issue of the journal carried Part 1 of “A Decade of Family Research and Action.” Additional articles appeared in the February and May issues. In 1970, NCFR published the first edition of the  National Directory of Graduate Programs in Family Studies/National Directory of Post Doctoral Opportunities in Family Studies/National Roster of Ongoing Research in Family Studies.

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Membership and Awards in 1969–70

A revised Membership Directory was published. Nearly 4,300 members paid dues of $20.00/year. The annual budget grew to $149,000. Read the March 1970 Newsletter V15 N1 Read the May 1970 Newsletter V15 N2 Read the August 1970 Newsletter V15 N3 Read the November 1970 Newsletter V15 N4 Carle C. Zimmerman of the University of New Hampshire was the Burgess Award recipient. In 1969, Mrs. Hugo Gernsback offered NCFR $500/year for 3 years, in honor of her husband, the former editor of the journal Sexology. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors voted to use the funds for student awards to be given to individuals with high potential for […]

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Structure and Governance in 1969–70

The Committee on Standards and Certification for Family Life Educators, chaired by Rose Somerville, presented the criteria for teacher preparation in family life and sex education at the business meeting. David H. Olson, chair of the Family Action Committee, reported on the accomplishments of the new section in its first full year of existence: The development of a Family Action Section The development of and publicity given to position papers on family life and sex education, and the Vietnam War and family life. The placement of a student representative on each of the major NCFR committees The implementation of the first […]

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1970 Conference: Violence and the Family

The Pick–Congress Hotel in Chicago was the site of the 1970 Annual Conference from October 7 – 10. The theme of the conference, chosen by program chair Gerald R. Leslie, was “Violence and the Family.” The conference attempted to deal with all aspects of the relationships between violence and the family, such as violence in husband–wife relationships, including sexual relationships; parent–child relationships; and the influences of a society that socializes its young to accept violence, including the impact of war on families. Plenary speakers had as their topics “The Influence of TV Violence on the Family,” given by Roy Danish; “Sexuality and Violence,” by Gerald […]

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