Other Activities in 1972–73

A Student Award Committee was activated to raise the necessary funds to continue the Student Award. In addition, the award became partially supported from the sale of the Graduate Program in the Family: Student Perspectives and, later, by a rebate of a portion of the student registration fees from the Annual Conference. The Executive Committee sent a telegram to Sen. Walter Mondale (D-MN) applauding his concern for the impact of government policies on families.

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Affiliates in 1972–73

In 1973 the Congress of Affiliated Councils was established to facilitate NCFR Affiliated Councils’ activities.  All regional representatives and Council presidents comprised the Congress. The Congress was represented on the NCFR Board of Directors by its Chair and Chair-Elect, who were elected by the Congress. It became possible for Affiliated Councils to receive tax exemption under the umbrella of NCFR.  In addition, a President’s fund, consisting of unused monies from NCFR Presidents’ allotments, was established by Eleanore B. Luckey to provide matching funds for proposals from the Affiliated Councils.

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Journals and Publications in 1972–73

Special issues of the Journal of Marriage and the Family in 1973 included “Women in Latin America” and “Moving and the Wife,” in May. The August issue was devoted to “New Social History of the Family.” Family Coordinator published a special issue in January 1973 on “Marriage Counseling,” with William C. Nichols as Editor. In 1973, the Directories of Graduate Programs in the Family Studies Field: Postdoctoral Opportunities in Family Studies; and National Roster of Ongoing Research in Family Studies, compiled by the Research and Theory Section, became available. Also, Dennis Orthner and Douglas Sprenkle, co-editors, published the second edition […]

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Membership and Awards in 1972–73

The first undergraduate Student Council on Family Relations was formed at the University of Wisconsin—Stout in 1973. Read the January 1973 Newsletter V18 N1 Read the March 1973 Newsletter V18 N2 Read the May 1973 Newsletter V18 N3 Read the August 1973 Newsletter V18 N4 Read the December 1973 Newsletter V18 N5 The 1973 Osborne Award recipients were Edward Pope of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Rebecca M. Smith of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The Burgess Award winner was Paul C. Glick, Chief Demographer with the U.S. Bureau of the Census. The Student Award went to Charles L. Cole of Iowa State University. The Distinguished Service […]

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Structure and Governance in 1972–73

In the 1973 revision of the NCFR Constitution, the role of the Sections was enlarged, giving them more control over their own activities, establishing their own qualifications for membership, and planning programs in addition to the Annual Conference. The Sections took the responsibility of electing their officers, preparing their bylaws, and establishing a dues structure. The chair of each Section became a Board member. Sections had to have membership of 5% of the total NCFR membership to continue in action. Other constitutional changes included the following: The Secretary’s term of office was 2 years. The President-Elect would become finance chair and […]

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Leadership in 1972–73

Murray A. Straus, the 30th President of NCFR, was a professor at the University of New Hampshire in 1972 and was especially well known for his seminal work in the area of family violence and for his work on family measurement techniques. In his Presidential Address, he made the following observation: Gut level communication, leveling, letting it all hang out may actually be only a modern psychological version of the old medical practice of bloodletting—harmless but useless in some cases and in general, and even fatal in other cases.

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Other Activities in 1971–72

Medora S. Bass was appointed chair of a task force on Sterilization Laws and Rights of the Mentally Handicapped. The Research and Theory Committee organized workshops on research methodology at the University of New Hampshire, under the direction of Murray Straus, and at Brigham Young University, under the direction of Boyd Rollins. The first edition of Graduate Programs in the Family: Student Perspectives (1972), written by graduate students, became available. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology Liaison Committee, to which NCFR had two representatives, sponsored a 4-day intensive workshop for 25 doctors and their wives on various aspects of […]

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Affiliates in 1971–72

The affiliates continued to function as an integral part of NCFR. The Board passed a recommendation that affiliated councils take an active role in matters of social policy and the family. Throughout the 1970s this was the goal of many of the affiliates. Obert Kempson was succeeded as chair of the affiliates by Ronald Pitzer.

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Journals and Publications in 1971–72

Family Coordinator published special issues on “Aging and the Family” and “Variant Marriage Styles and Family Forms.” Guest editors for these special issues were Felix Berardo for the former Marvin Sussman for the latter. This became a paperback book entitled “Non-Traditional Family Forms in the 1970s.” The November 1971 issue of the Journal of Marriage and the Family carried a special section on “Violence and the Family.” The Decade in Review of Family Theory, Research, and Social Action, edited by Carlfred Broderick, became available as a paperback book with wide circulation. In 1972, NCFR published the second edition of the National Directory […]

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Awards in 1971–72

The three recipients of Student Awards were Marijean Suelzlek of the University of California at Berkeley, Graham B. Spanier of Pennsylvania State University, and Rudy Ray Seward of North Texas State University at Denton. Stella W. Goldberg was the recipient of the Osborne Award. She was from Pennsylvania State University. James  Gladden from the University of Kentucky was also an Osborne Award recipient that year. The Burgess Award went to Jessie Bernard, Professor Emeritus at Pennsylvania State University and a consultant in Washington, DC.

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