Membership in 1971–72

Leland Axelson and Leslie Strong published an article from data collected in the membership survey, titled “Some Personal Characteristics and Organizational Attitudes of the NCFR Membership.” They recommended that because membership clearly favored involvement in family-oriented social issues, NCFR should continue its efforts to discover new ways in which it might make its collective judgments on such issues known to the appropriate publics. Read the January 1972 Newsletter V17 N1 Read the March 1972 Newsletter V17 N2 Read the May 1972 Newsletter V17 N3 Read the August 1972 Newsletter V17 N4 Read the December 1972 Newsletter V17 N5

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Structure & Governance in 1971–72

The Board of Directors approved a procedure that enabled the president and NCFR office to speak on behalf of the organization in response to social issues and legislation relevant to families and family life in the United States and to release these statements to the press and additional sources. President Eleanore Luckey sent letters to President Nixon, Congress, state governors, and others in public office concerning NCFR’s majority positions on abortion and population control. After 2 years of planning, a revised Constitution was developed, which was to be ratified in March 1973.

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1972 Conference: Politics, Power, and the Family

The 1972 Annual Conference took place November 1–4 in Portland, OR, at the Hilton Hotel. The theme was “Politics, Power, and the Family.” (This was broadly interpreted.) Murray Straus was program chair, and Helen Thun Hartness was local arrangements chair. Twenty-three percent of the total registrations came from student members. The total number of registrations was 888. Plenary sessions included “Power Struggles and Politics in Family Life Education,” by C. Jay Skidmore, Marie Kruger, and Janice Pearce; “Abortion: Changing Concepts and Future Implications,” by Joy Osofsky; and “Politics, Power, and the Family,” by Jay Haley. The pre-conference that year was a workshop on “Teaching About Women,” […]

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Leadership in 1971–72

Eleanore B. Luckey became President of NCFR from August 28, 1971, until November 4, 1972. She was born in February 1915 in California and was a professor of human development and family relations at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. She was also coauthor, with George W. Wise, of a very popular textbook, Human Growth and the Family, first published in 1970 and still available today. She also authored several articles in Family Coordinator (later Family Relations). The following is an excerpt from Luckey‘s Presidential Address: Some . . . silence may mask real conflict of values. Many . […]

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