Affiliates and Other Activities in 1975–76

The president of the Councils that year was E. M. Rallings. NCFR received a citation from the National Council on Aging for its participation in a symposium on The Caretaker Role of the Family. As one of its policy issues, NCFR urged Congress to pass the Family Income Maintenance Bill to improve the quality of family life in the United States. Read the 1976 NCFR statement on family income maintenance bill. Carlfred Broderick represented NCFR in Australia as guest of the family life education movement of Australia. He presented a plaque from NCFR commemorating the family life education movement’s 50 years of service […]

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Journals and Publications in 1975–76

NCFR members were sent the first issues of the Journal of Family History, edited by Tamara Hareven, free of cost. Felix Berardo began his term as Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family. A landmark study by Graham Spanier, titled Measuring Dyadic Adjustment: New Scales for Assessing the Quality of Marriage and Similar Dyads, was published in the February 1976 issue of the journal. The article included an instrument called the Dyadic Adjustment Scale. This research has since been used in thousands of research studies and by marriage and family therapists and has been translated into languages throughout the world. James Walters […]

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Awards in 1975–76

The 1975 Burgess Award recipient was Bernard Farber, who gave his address on “Kinship Mapping and Family Organization. Ivan Nye, was the 1976 Burgess Award Recipient. He was the director of the Boys’ Town Center for the Study of the Family at the time. The Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to Meyer Elkin, Superior Court Judge, Los Angeles. John w. Hudson, Dept. of Sociology, Arizona State University was recipient of the Osborne Award. Carolynne M. Kieffer, University of Missouri, Columbia received the Student Award with runners-up being  Timothy Brubaker, Miami University and Vaughn Call, Boy Town Research Center, […]

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Structure and Governance in 1975–76

A Task Force on the Job Market was organized by student members. President Carlfred Broderick held planning meetings involving the President, President-Elect, and the Executive Director prior to the Executive Committee and Board meetings in order to build greater continuity and smoother functioning of NCFR. President-Elect Bill Nichols, also made chair-elect appointments, including Constantina Safilios-Rothschild as International Liaison Committee Chair; John W. Metler as Membership Committee Chair; Herman Williams, Public Relations Committee Chair; and Wallace Fulton and Richard N. Hey as Finance Committee Co-Chairs.

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Leadership in 1975–76

Carlfred Broderick, NCFR’s 33rd President, was a professor sociology at the University of Southern California. He was a noted author, therapist, and father of eight children. He had also been editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family. The following is an excerpt from his Presidential Address: There is an impressive amount of evidence that fathering style is modeled partly on the style of interaction a man experiences in his daily occupation. Men who are themselves dominated by arbitrary employers or supervisors tend to take that as their model at home. Similarly, if they experience a respectful colleagueship at work, […]

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Other Activities in 1974–75

Sen. Walter Mondale invited NCFR to submit a statement on the Child and Family Service Bill to be printed in the hearing record. The statement was prepared by Richard Kerckhoff and Florence Kerckhoff, and members were urged to support the bill. NCFR, the American Home Economics Association and the National Council on Aging sponsored a one-day symposium in Washington, DC, on family decision making. A position paper on the Equal Rights Amendment was accepted by the NCFR Board.

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Affiliates in 1974–75

Affiliates and the Family Action Section were asked to establish task forces on public policy. The Task Force on Divorce began publication of a newsletter in that year. Gladys Phelan of Fort Collins, CO, became Chair of the Congress of Affiliated Councils. A workshop for Affiliates’ regional representatives was held at the NCFR headquarters in Minneapolis. It was concerned with such issues as establishing rapport and building group cohesion, sharing concerns and expectations, increasing participation in the councils, public relations, management, programming, and officer and committee structures.

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Journals and Publications in 1974–75

Carlfred Broderick’s term as Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family expired, but he observed that there had been a nearly 100% increase in the number of manuscripts received in the past 6 years and an improvement in the quality of papers. The ratio of acceptance:rejection in 1975 was 1:7. A special issue of the Journal of Marriage and the Family was dedicated to the topic of “Macrosociology of the Family.” Family Coordinator also published a special issue that carried two mini-sections on “Marriage Enrichment” and “Leisure and the Family.” Another special issue focused on “Variant Family Forms” and “New Marriage Styles.” […]

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Awards in 1974–75

The Osborne Award was given to Wallace Denton, Director of Family Therapy at Purdue University. Bernard Farber of Arizona State University received the Burgess Award, and Pauline G. Boss, of the University of Wisconsin (later of the University of Minnesota), received the Student Award. Runners-up to this award were Jeanete Coufal, University of Wisconsin; Helen Rytz, University of Michigan; Joan Hoffman Smith, University of Michigan; and Bonnie Staley, Colorado State University. The Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to David Mace and Vera Mace, founders of the Association of Couples in Marriage Enrichment and long-time leaders of NCFR.

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Structure and Governance and Membership in 1974–75

Richard Kerckhoff reactivated the Committee on Educational Standards and Certification for Family Life Educators. A revised NCFR membership directory was published. Membership that year stood at 5,500, including 345 members in Canada. The annual income of NCFR was $185,000. Read the May 1975 Newsletter V20 N2 Read the December 1975 Newsletter V20 N3

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