1975 Conference: Generations on Generations

The 1975 Annual Conference was held at the Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT, August 19–23. The theme was “Generations on Generations.” The program chair was Kate Garner. Blaine Porter was local arrangements chair. Earl A. Grollman, internationally known for his work concerning dying, death, and bereavement, spoke on “Death and Grief at All Ages.” John Silber, Boston University, spoke on “Generations on Generations.” Richard Kerckhoff’s Presidential Address was titled “Middle-Aged Marriage: At the Summit or Over the Hill?” Jessie Bernard, Virginia Ann Church, and Rose Somerville formed a plenary panel to discuss “International Women’s Year—Generations of Women: Past, Present […]

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Leadership in 1974–75

Richard K. Kerckhoff, NCFR’s 32nd President, was a professor at Purdue University. He noted that NCFR had attempted to retain its permanent core of meaning while at the same time adapting and adjusting to the rapidly changing world around it. His Presidential Address included the following observations: Middle-aged marriages may be considered “good” . . . when they are to a great extent unpainful and unexamined rather than when they are stimulating and challenging. They may be comfortable when they are easy to endure and easy to ignore. Marriage counselors have long noted that when trouble arises in middle-aged marriages, it […]

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