Other Activities in 1976–77

During this year, the Coalition of Family Organizations (COFO) was formed, consisting of NCFR, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the Family Service Association of America, and the American Home Economics Association. This coalition began publishing the COFO Memo, a quarterly newsletter on the major developments in U.S. family policy. It also began serving as a vehicle for each of the four organizations to strengthen their Washington presence through such activities as joint congressional testimony, press conferences, and, eventually, advocacy efforts of major importance. Read the inaugural COFO Memo from Fall 1977 In that same year, NCFR fulfilled […]

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Affiliates in 1976–77

Thelma Dunn Hansen of Michigan State University became the Affiliated Councils chair. A second workshop for regional representatives of the Councils was held in Minneapolis. A motion was presented to the Board and passed that an NCFR member would automatically become a member of the state or provincial Council on Family Relations in the state or province in which she/he resided and that Councils would be established in states or provinces where they did not already exist. A membership handbook for State and Regional Councils was prepared by John W. Metler, the membership chair of NCFR.

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Journals and Publications in 1976–77

Family Coordinator published a special issue titled “The Family and the Law,” edited by Lynda Henley Walters. NCFR continued its support of the Inventory of Marriage and Family Literature, edited by David Olson. Seventeen volumes of this resource were published over that many years. Charles Figley prepared a working bibliography for the Subcommittee on Certification and Standards for Family Life Education.

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Awards in 1976–77

Ivan Nye, past recipient of the Burgess Award, gave his address on “Is Choice and Exchange Theory the Answer?” The 1977 Osborne Award was given to Evelyn I. Rouner of Central Michigan University. Murray A. Straus, a sociology professor at the University of New Hampshire, was the 1977 recipient of the Burgess Award. Read the February 1978 Journal of Marriage and the Family announcement about Murray Straus being presented with the Burgess Award The Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to Muriel Brown, Parent Education Consultant, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Commendation Award recipients were Clark E. Vincent of Bowman […]

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Membership in 1976–77

A new membership dues structure was enacted whereby dues were rebated by the national office to the state organization. Suggested model bylaws were provided by NCFR to the Affiliates to assist them in writing their own. Student memberships were extended to one year beyond graduation at the student rate. Read the March 1977 Newsletter V22 N1 Read the May 1977 Newsletter V22 N2 Read the August 1977 Newsletter V22 N3 Read the December 1977 Newsletter V22 N4

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Structure and Governance in 1976–77

Plans and approval of the new International Section were completed in order to allow this Section to begin planning its 1978 program. The membership of the Counseling Section reached 978 members. The Advisory Committee, composed of past NCFR Presidents, was reactivated after a long hiatus. In 1977 a proposal to change the name of the NCFR to the Family Relations Council fell 18 votes short of the required 60% of those voting. The name thus remained the National Council on Family Relations. A position paper on family life education was presented to the Board. Task Force activities were as follows: Guidelines […]

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Leadership in 1976–77

William C. Nichols, a consulting psychologist and marriage and family therapist in Birmingham, MI, became NCFR’s 34th President. His comments as he took office are as follows: As the NCFR prepares to enter its “Jack Benny” 39th year in 1977, it is an appropriate time to do some stock-taking. That is precisely what the Executive Committee will be doing in Dallas, January 21–23, 1977. The usual meeting has been expanded into a Planning Retreat. Each participant has been asked to give attention to his/her special area of responsibility as well as to certain areas of general interest and to provide appropriate written […]

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Affiliates and Other Activities in 1975–76

The president of the Councils that year was E. M. Rallings. NCFR received a citation from the National Council on Aging for its participation in a symposium on The Caretaker Role of the Family. As one of its policy issues, NCFR urged Congress to pass the Family Income Maintenance Bill to improve the quality of family life in the United States. Read the 1976 NCFR statement on family income maintenance bill. Carlfred Broderick represented NCFR in Australia as guest of the family life education movement of Australia. He presented a plaque from NCFR commemorating the family life education movement’s 50 years of service […]

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Journals and Publications in 1975–76

NCFR members were sent the first issues of the Journal of Family History, edited by Tamara Hareven, free of cost. Felix Berardo began his term as Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family. A landmark study by Graham Spanier, titled Measuring Dyadic Adjustment: New Scales for Assessing the Quality of Marriage and Similar Dyads, was published in the February 1976 issue of the journal. The article included an instrument called the Dyadic Adjustment Scale. This research has since been used in thousands of research studies and by marriage and family therapists and has been translated into languages throughout the world. James Walters […]

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Awards in 1975–76

The 1975 Burgess Award recipient was Bernard Farber, who gave his address on “Kinship Mapping and Family Organization. Ivan Nye, was the 1976 Burgess Award Recipient. He was the director of the Boys’ Town Center for the Study of the Family at the time. The Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to Meyer Elkin, Superior Court Judge, Los Angeles. John w. Hudson, Dept. of Sociology, Arizona State University was recipient of the Osborne Award. Carolynne M. Kieffer, University of Missouri, Columbia received the Student Award with runners-up being  Timothy Brubaker, Miami University and Vaughn Call, Boy Town Research Center, […]

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