1978 Conference: Family Policy: Putting Priorities Into Action

In 1978 NCFR celebrated its 40th anniversary, and the conference was held at the Philadelphia Sheraton Hotel, October 19–22. The theme chosen by David Olson, the program chair, was “Family Policy: Putting Priorities into Action.” Jacquelyne Johnson Jackson was the plenary speaker, and her address was titled: “Hey, Uncle Sam, What’s Happening to Black and Aging Families?” Other plenary speakers included Patsy Flemkng, director of Governmental Affairs, Office of Civil Rights, who spoke on “Families in Transition,” and Wilbur J. Cohn and Nancy Amidal, who spoke on “Changing Public Policies to War Families.” Several panels discussed national issues of social policy. President Gerhard Neubeck‘s address […]

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Leadership in 1977–78

Gerhard Neubeck became NCFR’s 35th President, through 1978. He was a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota. An excerpt from his Presidential Address follows: More people than ever are marrying today, and not withstanding other options, marry for the first time, a second and even marry again. And each time they expect payoffs to follow as if they had not learned anything from the previous experience . . . Permanent bonding seems to be such a powerful incentive, such an eternal invitation, if not temptation to happiness that we succumb over and over again. What is it then […]

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