Other Activities in 1980–81

The Public Policy Committee prepared an exploratory survey concerning the Family Protection Act, for inclusion into the conference materials. The NCFR Board sent a letter to Congress applauding the attention being given to the marriage penalty tax. A second letter supported the reauthorization and adequate funding of Title X of the Public Health Services Act of 1970. Read the 1981 NCFR member survey on the Family Protection Act.

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Journals and Publications in 1980–81

Royalties from the sale of Emerging Conceptual Frameworks in Family Analysis, edited by Felix Berrardo and Ivan Nye, were assigned to the NCFR. A Family Relations special issue, edited by Joel Moss and Reth E. Brasher, focused on the topic of family life education. Graham Spanier, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Oregon State University, was named editor of The Journal of Family Issues.

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Membership and Awards in 1980–81

paoluFor the first time in four years, the membership dues was increased to $50.00 for individual members and $25.00 for student members. Read the March 1981 Newsletter V26 N1 Read the May 1981 Newsletter V26 N2 Read the August 1981 Newsletter V26 N3 Read the December 1981 Newsletter V26 N4 The Osborne Award recipient was Beatrice Paolucci of Michigan State University. The Distinguished Service to Families Award was presented to Chaplain Major General Richard Carr, Washington, DC. The Certificate of Commendation went to Lena DiCicco of the Cambridge and Somerville Program for Alcoholism Rehabilitation, Somerville, MA. Evelyn Millis Duvall, well-known author, charter NCFR Member, and former Executive […]

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Structure and Governance in 1980–81

The Ethnic Minorities Section began the process of collecting oral histories of the involvement of ethnic minority members in NCFR. Joseph Himes presented the Oral History at the 1981 Annual Conference and reflected on the founding of NCFR. Efforts were made by Harriette McAdoo to pull in as many ethnic/racial minorities as possible into the workings of NCFR, for service on committees and for presenting papers, and so on. The Board approved the initial plans for the Certification of Family Life Educators Program, chaired by Kenneth Davidson. A new focus group on Step Parenting and Remarriage was added. The Education Section […]

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Leadership in 1980–81

Kate B. Garner became NCFR’s 38th President. Her special interest was the development and growth of the Affiliated Councils. She was for many years the executive director of the Family Life Council of greater Greensboro, North Carolina. In her Presidential Address, she made the following comments: If a magic wand could be waved for only one wish to be granted for NCFR, it should not be for increased membership, nor dollars, nor modern headquarters, nor for many of the other improvements we aspire to, much as they are essential. It should be, instead, for all our members to build and maintain an active network […]

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Other Activities in 1979–80

The White House Conference on Families was held in three regions of the country in the summer of 1980: Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Baltimore. It became apparent that a wide portion of the country was divided between traditional cultural norms and progressive values. Sharon Alexander chaired the NCFR Public Policy Committee to serve in an advisory capacity to Steven Engleberg, NCFR’s D.C. legal counsel. Read Sharon’s November 1980 letter to the committee. The International Section co-sponsored an international seminar in Uppsala, Sweden on “Family & Disaster.” Robert Coombs was appointed chair of the Committee on Position Papers. Kenneth Davidson became […]

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Journals and Publications in 1979–80

The Decade Review of Research on Marriage and the Family was published in the November 1980 JMF with Felix Berardo as Editor. A special issue of Family Relations had as its topic “Family Stress, Coping and Adaptation” with guest editors Hamilton McCubbin and Pauline Boss. Marie F. Peters edited the 1980 Directory of Professionals and Researchers in the Area of Black Families,” published by NCFR.

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Membership and Awards in 1979–80

NCFR members were given their choice of two of the three journals with their membership and the option of receiving the third at a reduced rate. Read the March 1980 Newsletter V25 N1 Read the May 1980 Newsletter V25 N2 Read the August 1980 Newsletter V25 N3 Read the December 1980 Newsletter V25 N4 The First Reuben Hill Award was presented to Walter R. Gove, Michael Hughes, and Omer R. Galle for their article, “Overcrowding in the Home.” Gerald Leslie, former NCFR President and University of Florida professor, was awarded the Osborne Award. Marvin B. Sussman, Unidel Professor of Human Resources, University of Delaware, was the recipient […]

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Structure and Governance in 1979–80

The NCFR Board granted Section status to the Ethnic Minorities Section. Harriette McAdoo was the first full-fledged chair of the Section, which held its first session at the 1980 Annual Conference. An Ethnic Minorities Award was established, and the Ethnic Minority Oral History project was inaugurated and presented by Leanor Johnson. Seven focus groups came into existence: (1) The Law and the Family, (2) Middle Age and Middlescence, (3) Adoption, (4) Aging, (5) Single-Parent Families, (6) Marriage Enrichment, and (7) Family and Health. The latter was formed for persons interested in education, research, and policy aspects of family and health issues.

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