1980 Conference: The Quality of Family Life: Integrating Theory, Research, and Application

The 1980 Annual Conference was held at the Hilton Hotel, Portland, OR, October 22–25. Wesley R. Burr was program chair and chose the theme “The Quality of Family Life: Integrating Theory, Research, and Application.” About 800 attended. Urie Bronfenbrenner of Cornell University gave the opening plenary address, “Environmental Stresses and Supports in Parent–Child Activities.” He was sponsored by the students. Moncrieff Cochran, also of Cornell, discussed “Informal Support Systems.” Augustus Napier of Atlanta, GA, addressed the conference on “Marriage in Crisis: A Systems Perspective on Treatment and Prevention.” A panel consisting of Reuben Hill, Joan Aldous, Greer Litton Fox, Felix Berardo, and Jazcqueline Wiserman […]

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Leadership in 1979–80

Ira L. Reiss, Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota and a well-known author, became NCFR’s 37th President. Ira’s autobiography can be found in Pioneering Paths in the Study of Families (Haworth Press, 2001). He was born in New York of a clothing manufacturing family. They moved to Scranton, PA, in the 1930s, where he attended grade and high school. His experiences in Scranton and in the army during World War II led him to the study of sexuality. He graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in business administration, the expectation being that he would join his father in the clothing […]

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