Affiliates and Other Activities in 1982–83

Matti Gershenfeld was appointed chair of a Committee on the Development of the Congress of Affiliated Councils. Each Section was asked to appoint a representative to the Family Resource and Referral Center Steering Committee to supervise quality control and to promote the center among the Section constituents. A news release about the Richard Gelles position paper, “How Families with Violent Members Can be Helped,” was sent to 800 organizations. Bert Adams, President-Elect, was appointed chair of a search committee for an Executive Officer to replace Ruth Jewson. NCFR continued to support National Family Sexuality Week, along with a number of […]

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Membership and Journals and Publications in 1982–83

Maximiliane Szinovacz became the third Editor of the NCFR Sage Monograph Series, which now contained 10 books. The Journal of Family History published a special issue on the topic of “The Family in Japanese History.” The 1982 volumes of NCFR’s three journals contained the following number of pages: Journal of Marriage and Family Living—1,072 pages; FR—592 pages; and JFH—440 pages. This is quite an accomplishment for an organization owning three scholarly journals. NCFR’s International Section became the recipient of all the royalties of a book, Society’s Adolescent Dilemma: International Perspectives on the Family Planning Rights of Minors, edited by Hyman Rodman and […]

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Awards in 1982–83

Karen Polonko, John Scanzoni, and Jay Teachman were awarded the Reuben Hill Award for their article on “Childlessness and Marital Satisfaction: A Further Assessment.” Luther B. Otto of the Boys Town Center, Nebraska, received the Distinguished Service to Families Award. The Certificate of Commendation went to Glen H. Rediehs of Valencia Community College. The Student Award went to Sandra Burge, Purdue University, then at Texas Health Science Center, and to Joe F. Pittman, University of Georgia, then at the University of Utah. Neither the Osborne or the Burgess Awards were given in 1983. The Ethnic Minorities Outstanding Achievement Award was renamed […]

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Structure and Governance in 1982–83

A task force for the Development of a Family Discipline was formed, to promote dialogue about issues associated with the emergence of a family discipline. Wesley R. Burr was elected chair. The Board agreed that it should take stands on public policy issues that affect families, and a process was developed to assist NCFR in doing so, involving the Family Action Section and the Public Policy Committee. Dennis Orthner was appointed chair of a Presidential Commission on the Structure of NCFR. The Board accepted the document prepared by the NCFR Committee on Standards and Certification for Family Life Educators. A […]

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Leadership in 1982–83

James Walters, NCFR’s 40th President, served as first Extension Family Life Specialist in the Cooperative Extension Service. He was a professor and head of the department of Child and Family Development at the University of Georgia when he was elected NCFR’s President. He was born in 1925 in Denver, CO. His father and mother were in an automobile accident one month before his birth and his father was fatally injured. His mother took the family back to her hometown of Topeka, KS, where he was reared primarily by his mother’s sister. He graduated from high school and earned his bachelor’s degree at […]

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Other Activities in 1981–82

The Public Policy Committee urged its members to meet with key federal officials during the conference and suggested ways to do so. The committee noted two reports: “Families and Work, Strength, and Strains,” General Mills. And Better Home and Gardens Magazine: “Is Government Helping or Hurting Families?” 1982 report of the public policy methods committee One of NCFR’s outstanding leaders and its 1956 President died that year. Margaret Slingerland, Detroit, became NCFR’s official representative to the National Voluntary Organization for Independent Living for the Aging, better known by its acronym, NVOILA. She fulfilled this position until her death.

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Membership and Journals and Publications in 1981–82

Jetse Sprey, Professor of Sociology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, became the new Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family. Michael Sporakowski, a professor in the Department of Family and Child Development at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, became the new editor of Family Relations. A special issue of the Journal of Marriage and the Family was published, titled: “Methodology—the Other Side of Caring.” The Journal of Family History also published a special issue devoted to “The Family in Eastern Europe.” Carolyn Love prepared a new Guide to Family Programs, which contained information about 71 U.S. and Canadian degree-granting institutions. The NCFR newsletter carried the results […]

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Awards in 1981–82

The Burgess Award went to a British scholar, Peter Laslett; Gerhard Neubeck, UMN was presented with the Osborne Award; Charline J. Warren, National Extension Homemakers’ Council Inc. of Longview, Washington, received the Distinguished Service to Families Award; Rowan A. Wakefield, Wakefield Washington Associates, received a Certificate of Commendation. The 1982 Reuben Hill Award was given to Carl Hornung, Claire McCullough, and Taichi Sugimoto for their work, “Status Relationships in Marriage: Risk Factors in Spouse Abuse.” The Student Award was presented to Joan Patterson, UMN and later at the University of Calgary.

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Structure and Governance in 1981–82

The Family Action Section defined its purpose as “to promote effective social action.” Sharon Houseknecht suggested that this Section deal with concerns identified by delegates to the White House Conference on Families as the most important. These issues were Families and Economic Well-Being; Families: Challenges and Responsibilities; Families and Human Need; and Families and Major Institutions. An open session on “Religion and Families” was held, and a focus group was formed. Another focus group on Work and Family was approved. Two amendments were added to the Constitution. The first amendment made the Treasurer the chair of the Finance Committee, with the President-Elect a committee […]

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1982 Conference: Families and Government

The Annual Conference of 1982 was held at the Shoreham Hotel, Washington DC, October 12–16. Graham Spanier was program chair and chose “Families and Government” as the theme. The entire conference was dedicated to Ruth H. Jewson, in honor of her impending retirement. The American Council of Life Insurance provided a reception. A plenary session addressed “The Aging American Family: Implications of the White House Conference on Aging (1981).” About 950 attended the conference. Paul Kerschner, Ellen Winston, Janice Caldwell, and Armin Grams discussed the issue. Wesley Burr’s Presidential Address was entitled “Famology: A New Discipline.” Dorcas Hardy talked about […]

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