Awards in 1985–86

The Burgess Award was presented to Mirra Komarowsky of Barnard College. The Student Award went to Jan Steven Greenberg of the University of Minnesota.

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Structure and Governance in 1985–86

The Board voted to retain the current Board membership and structure but to reactivate the Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Past President, Association of Councils chair, and Executive Director (ex officio). This committee functioned as a decision-making body for urgent issues only during those times that the full Board was not in session.

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1986 Conference: Family Policy

The Hyatt Regency Hotel, Dearborn, MI, was the site of the 1986 Annual Conference, November 3–7. Pauline Boss was the Program Chair, and Betty L. Barber was local arrangements chair. The theme was “Family Policy.” Nine hundred thirty people attended. Five plenary speakers addressed different aspects of the politics of the family, ranging from micro to macro impact. Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Editor of MS Magazine, presented on the topic “Family Politics: Love and Power on an Intimate Frontier.” She had just authored a book on the topic. Augustus Y. Napier, director of The Family Workshop, a treatment and training institute based in Atlanta, GA, delivered an address […]

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Leadership in 1985–86

Joan Aldous, the 43rd President of NCFR, is the William R. Kenan Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota. Her research interests include variations in active fathering and their reasons, and consequences for children of fathers’ care. Her other areas include family sociology, family policy, gender, work and families, and intergenerational relationships. In 1987 she received the Ruth Hoeflin Scholar award at Kansas State University. She also taught at the University of Minnesota and the University of Georgia. Aldous received the Burgess Award for her theory and research contributions in family sociology and has been an elected member of the […]

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