Journals and Publications in 1987–88

Family Relations, with its new format, cover, and marketing efforts, now had 1,391 subscribers—an increase of 129 over the previous year. The Journal of Marriage and the Family enjoyed a subscribership of 3,591. Both journals began marketing exchange and paid advertising, and as a result the income from paid ads rose to $4,115. New publications included the 50 Year History Book, edited by Ruth Jewson and Jim Walters, and a special issue of Family Relations, entitled “Families in Rural America.” Volume 13 of the Inventory of Marriage and Family Literature was published under NCFR editorship. View an NCFR publications order form from […]

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Awards in 1987–88

The 1988 Burgess Award was given to Joan Aldous of the University of Notre Dame. Coretta Scott King was given the Distinguished Service to Families Award. The Reuben Hill Award was given to Sara McLanahan and Larry Bumpass for their 1988 article “Intergenerational Consequences of Family Disruption,” which was published in The American Journal of Sociology. That year, the Student Award was given to Robert Volk of Purdue University.

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Membership in 1987–88

By September, 1988 more than 1,793 members had renewed their memberships. Seven hundred seventy-eight memberships were suspended, but 535 new members were added, bringing the membership up to 3,650. Special flyers were developed to be exhibited at such organizations as American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, the American Home Economics Association, Family Service America, and others. During that year, the first Exhibit Screens for NCFR were purchased and sent to various other organization meetings. With these marketing efforts, by the end of 1988 membership had increased by 13%, to 4,085 members (including 570 new members) with a retention rate of […]

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Structure and Governance in 1987–88

When the new Executive Director took office, it was discovered that NCFR was in a sizable financial deficit, in part due to the cash method of accounting. After a Board discussion, the financial accounting system and records of NCFR were changed from cash to accrual accounting done by the CPA firm of Fraser & Carpenter Ltd. (Accrual meant that revenue was recognized when it was earned instead of when it was received.) The entire accounting system was also converted to a computer system, which began to function in January 1988. The year-end 1987 budget was balanced at $693,610 despite a fund […]

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1988 Conference: Addictions in Families

The Annual Conference in 1988 was dedicated to celebrating NCFR’s 50 years of existence. The theme was “Addictions and Families.” Robert Lewis was conference vice president, and the conference was held at the Philadelphia Franklin Plaza Hotel. Ollie Pocs, University of Illinois, chaired the exhibits management. The number of attendees that year increased by 23%, with 52 new members being added from a conference membership/registration package deal. The total attendees numbered 1,100. A highlight of the conference was the attendance of Soviet scholars who were recruited by Susan Hartman and members of the Family Social Science Department at the University […]

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Leadership in 1987–88

Graham B. Spanier became NCFR’s 45th President. He served as president of the Pennsylvania State University until 2011. Prior positions he held include Chancellor of the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Oregon State University, and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. During his tenure as Penn State president, the campus expanded considerably. This expansion included the creation of the Schreyer Honors College, the College of Information Sciences and Technology, and the Penn State World Campus. It also included the merger with the Dickinson School of Law. While he was […]

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