Other Activities in 1989–90

In June, the NCFR CEO participated in the filming of a news brief about NCFR and families and health in the year 2000 as part of a cosponsored program with Weight Watchers to be shown September 6 & 7, 1990, at a Washington conference launching the U.S. Health and Human Services “Year 2000 Health Objectives.” These would be released on public media later that year. NCFR had conducted a hearing for the Department of Health and Human Services at the 1987 NCFR Conference.

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Sections in 1989–90

Family & Health Section – Shirley Hanson, Chair: Over 160 abstracts submitted for the 1990 program. The section newsletterFamily Health News editors for 90-92 are Linda Ladd and Linda Reece. By-laws were reviewed and updated. International Section – Karen Altergott, Chair: Sponsored 3 sessions and a panel for the 1990 conference. Held a fund raising activity, and contributed articles to the NCFR Report. Participated in the family research section of the International Sociological Society. Family Discipline Section – Bill Meredith, Chair: Increased membership by 30%; co-sponsored a “Teaching Family Science“ conference in Indiana; gave a scholarship to a graduate student; […]

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Affiliates in 1989–90

Association of Councils President Marilyn Flick reported that there were now 47 state affiliates. She suggested that 10 members rather than 25 are needed to retain the $5.00 rebate. There would be no change in representation on the Board.

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Journals and Publications in 1989–90

Given the increasing number of new publications published by NCFR, the Board requested that  Executive Director Mary Jo Czaplewski give a full report on all publications of NCFR. Her report, dated November 10, 1990, stated that NCFR’s publications and related services (reprints, royalties, products, advertising) provided 64% of NCFR’s total income. Despite an increased subscription price for both journals, subscribers increased, raising NCFR’s income by 7% above projections. Subscribers to the Journal of Marriage and the Family increased by 1%; Family Relations subscriptions increased by 10%. Other publications were 3% ahead of projections, totaling an income of $87,902. The best seller was […]

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Awards in 1989–90

The Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to Jack Levine, CEO of the Florida Center for Children and Youth in Tallahassee. He had also been named Floridian of the Year recipient for his work with immigrant children and families. Helena Lopata, Loyola University of Chicago professor, was awarded the Burgess Award. Steve Chapman, PhD student at the University of Georgia, received the 1990 Student of the Year award.

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CFLE in 1989–90

The NCFR Board had voted to phase out the CFLE program over a period of 5 years (effective January 1996); to declare a moratorium on marketing the CFLE program, starting June 1990; and to cease certification reviews in February 1991. By the November 1990 Board meeting, a “Members Speak Out about CFLE” brief and proposal were sent to the President and Executive Committee. Seven arguments were made on behalf of the CFLE program: CFLE is just beginning to grow and will increase as graduating students become CFLEs. CFLE needs to be given a “fair time test.” CFLE certification is a serious need in U.S. school systems. […]

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Membership in 1989–90

Vice President Betty Barber and reported that the campaign to increase members brought in 55 students from professors; 11 from CFLE; 10 from the journal ads; nine from the report; 16 from conference registrations; and three  from the brochure—indicating an increase of 3% regular members increased in membership. Read the March 1990 Newsletter V35 N1 Read the June 1990 Newsletter V35 N2 Read the September 1990 Newsletter V35 N3 Read the December 1990 Newsletter V35 N4

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Structure and Governance in 1989–90

The Strategic Planning Committee for the future of NCFR was identified as the major Board activity. President-Elect Lynda Walters was appointed chair of this committee, which was scheduled to meet in January. The Stevens Group continued to consult with the committee on this important project. Both strengths and weakness of the organization, as well as core values, were identified as a guide to NCFR’s longevity. These included overall excellence in programs; financial stability; NCFR’s diversification; organizational stability (its long history); integration, continuity, and efficiency of structure; and appreciation for multidisciplinary views. At the April 6, 1990, Board meeting the strategic plan was unveiled, including constitutional […]

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Leadership in 1989–90

M. Janice Hogan was the new NCFR President. She is Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota. Hogan was Professor and Department Head of Family Social Science and Associate Dean in the College of Human Ecology until the college was restructured in 2006. She served in many capacities in the NCFR prior to her election to the presidency. She retired in 2010 but continues to serve the university and is on the finance committee of NCFR. Her special commitment is working with poor and homeless families as Chair of the Board of Directors at the Theresa Living Center in St. Paul and with […]

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Other Activities in 1988–89

By 1989, the headquarters office on County Road B in St. Paul was too small for the growing staff and activities of NCFR. The lease was not renewed because of a child care service which needed the space. After much searching, and the Board’s decision not to move to Washington, DC, due to cost, NCFR moved to northeastern Minneapolis, at 40th and Central Avenues, and enlarged its space to 3,500 sq. ft. at the cost of $8.50/sq. ft. It was custom designed for NCFR and, after selling the old Army surplus furnishings to raise $6,000, 3-year old well-coordinated furniture was purchased from an […]

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