Sections in 1988–89

A new Section manual was approved at the November 6 Board meeting, drafted by Catherine Gilliss, chair of the Family and Health Section, and Charles Hennon, chair of the Family Action Section. Reports from the Sections of the year’s activities were as follows: Education and Enrichment—Patricia Knaub noted that they were clarifying their role with the CFLE program. This section was growing and had a budget of over $8,000. Ethnic Minorities—Ouida Westney reported that the first Marie Peters Award established by the Section would be awarded to Andrew Billingsley. Changes in their by-laws reflected the work of its officers. Family Action—Charles […]

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Affiliates in 1988–89

Chair Susan Meyers reported that the year had been spent building better relationships between NCFR and the Affiliated Councils and that the NCFR video had been circulated among the various Councils, in an effort to recruit more state members to the national association. The Feedback, newsletter of the Affiliates edited by Marilyn Flick, was rescheduled from 3 to 2 times a year. Connie Steele, Affiliated Councils Program Vice President, had planned a training program for the councils. A request was made to the Board that rebates from the inactive states that had joined the Southeastern Council be rebated back to the Southeastern Council instead […]

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Journals and Publications in 1988–89

Mike Sporakowski chaired the Publications Committee, which was finalizing its search for a new Editor of Journal of Marriage and the Family. Dr. Marilyn Coleman was selected and accepted the role of Editor for a term of 4 years, beginning in January 1991. Dr. Coleman is a professor of family studies at the University of Missouri—Columbia. Alan Booth was applauded for his service as an extended term as Editor. During the year, Sporakowski, the Editors, and Executive Director met several times to draft a policy statement and define editorial roles for the publications of NCFR. It was presented to the Board. […]

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Membership and Awards in 1988–89

This year, the membership roll was at 3,326 active members. Read the March 1989 Newsletter V34 N1 Read the June 1989 Newsletter V34 N2 Read the September 1989 Newsletter V34 N3 Read the December 1989 Newsletter V34 N4 A new student award was established by Guilford Press. It consisted of a $500 scholarship and a publications contract for the best manuscript judged to be worthy of publication in the Guilford Series Perspectives in Marriage and the Family. The award committee was chaired by Mike Sporakowski. The Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to the Illusion Theater, founded by Cordelia Anderson in Minneapolis. It […]

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Structure and Governance in 1988–89

In the previous year, the Board began working on a strategic planning process. This year a consulting group, The Stevens Group, led by Pamela Harris, was hired to begin working on a comprehensive strategic plan that would include surveys of members and other groups. This process was begun in April  1989. The Board met with Harris at the new headquarters in Minneapolis. During the year, many meetings were held and research, including surveys, were sent to members.

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1989 Conference: Families and Sexuality

The 1989 Annual Conference was held at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. Brent Miller was the conference vice president. The theme, “Families and Sexuality,” drew almost 1,100 attendees. Pamela Monroe and Gladys Hildreth were local arrangements co-chairs. A highlight of the NCFR exhibit was the newly published policy report, 2001:Preparing Families for the Future, edited by David Olson. The first Marie Peters Lecture, inaugurated by the Ethnic Minorities Section, was presented by Andrew Billingsley, Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, who had received the Marie Peters Award the previous year. His topic was “African American Families in a Changing Society.” […]

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Leadership in 1988–89

David Olson, new NCFR President, was a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota for nearly 30 years; a marriage and family researcher and therapist; and founder and developer of the PREPARE ENRICH program of premarital counseling for engaged couples, which became a standard for many churches worldwide. He also took over the publication of The Inventory of Marriage and Family Literature, a compilation of all research on issues pertaining to families which was originally begun by Reuben Hill and Joan Aldous. This would eventually become an NCFR publication project. Dr. Olson is now retired and lives […]

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