Journals and Publications in 1990–91

Timothy Brubaker was editor of Family Relations. Journal subscriptions reported for March 1991 indicated increases over a 5-year period, with the Journal of Marriage and the Family up from 6,770 in 1987 to 7,147 in 1991. Family Relations was up from 4,199 to 5,078 in the same period. John Touliatos of Texas Women’s University graciously volunteered to take over the editorial duties of publishing the Inventory of Marriage and Family Literature without financial support from his university. All keying, indexing, abstracting, and proofing were moved out of the NCFR headquarters. Rocky Ralebipi, who had been doing this, left the post in December to become a faculty […]

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Awards in 1990–91

Winners of the Reuben Hill Award were Toby Parcel and Elizabeth Menaghan for their article, “Maternal Working Conditions and Children’s Verbal Facility: Study of the Inter-Generational Transmission of Inequality from Mothers to Young Children” (Social Psychology Quarterly, Vol. 53). That year the Guilford Student Award went to Elaine Shaw Sorenson.

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Membership in 1990–91

Gary Bowen chaired the committee to do an in-depth study of NCFR members and propose new strategies for the future recruitment and retention of members. A 5-year detailed membership report indicated that, from a 1987 total of 3,610, there were 3,856 members in 1991. Read the March 1991 Newsletter V36 N1 Read the June 1991 Newsletter V36 N2 Read the September 1991 Newsletter V36 N3 Read the December 1991 Newsletter V36 N4

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Structure and Governance in 1990–91

New Board Policy Handbooks were compiled and distributed to all Board members, to be passed on to subsequent boards during the board orientations. Invested reserves of NCFR had risen to $462,084, maintaining an average return of 8%. Staff were restructured at headquarters to include a Marketing Coordinator. By December 1990, NCFR revenues reached $1,000,000, with an excess of $26,000 in revenues over expenses.

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1991 Conference: Families and Poverty

The 1991 Annual Conference was held at the Radisson Hotel, Denver, CO, with Alexis Walker as chair. The theme was “Families and Poverty.” Local arrangements chair was Donna Chitwood. Keynote speakers were Michael Katz, historian; Frances Fox Piven, political scientist; and William Julius Wilson. The Religion and Family Life Section sponsored a pre-conference seminar on “Building Family Strengths.” The First Lady of Colorado, Bea Romer, was a keynoter. Britton Wood was the coordinator.

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Leadership in 1990–91

NCFR President Lynda Henley Walters, who in 1978 was the first FACS graduate to receive a PhD in Child and Family and Development, can sum up her teaching philosophy in just a few sentences: I teach because I want to share knowledge. I believe that knowledge is an essential building block for competence in children and adults in our culture. I do not believe that education solves all of our problems. I do not believe that the education of any single person will change much of anything. I do, however, believe that the quality of the collective and the expectations […]

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