Other Activities in 1992–93

Executive Director Mary Jo Czaplewski and Margaret Feldman attended the International Union of Family Organizations conference in Vienna, Austria, May 6–9, in connection with the International Year of the Family sponsored by the United Nations. Plans were underway with the leadership of Jan Hogan and Lynda Walters for the NCFR International Year of the Family Workshop to be held in Black Mountain, NC, in July 1994. Theme chosen was “One World, Many Families.” Karen Altergott edited a special publication with that title. She received 13 manuscripts and needed five more to complete the book. Henry K. Sokalski, UN High Commissioner on the International Year […]

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Sections in 1992–93

Three new focus groups were approved: Men in Families, sponsored by the R&T Section. Members were Bill Doherty, Ralph La Rossa, Larry Ganong, Stephen Marks, Patrick McKenry, Sharon Price, Volker Thomas, Bob Lewis, Gary Bowen, Brent Miller, Jane Golgun, Ruth Schulte, Tony Jurich, David Wright, and Connie Shehan. Families and Grief, submitted by Paul Rosenblatt and sponsored by the E&E Section. Parent Education, submitted by Pat Steffens and sponsored by the E&E Section. Read the Fall 1992 Ethnic Minorities Section Newsletter

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Affiliates in 1992–93

Connie Steele, Association of Councils President, worked on setting up great relationships with office staff, Marketing Coordinator Sonja Almlie, and Kathy Royce for supporting state councils. The Association of Councils sponsored two workshops at the 1993 Annual Conference: (1) “Integrating Family Research and Practice” and (2) “Marketing Discourse on Family Action.”

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Membership and Journals and Publications in 1992–93

The Annual Business Meeting was renamed “Business Meeting and Membership Forum.” The rationale was to create more dialogue between the attendees and the Board. Read the March 1993 Newsletter V38 N1 Read the June 1993 Newsletter V38 N2 Read the September 1993 Newsletter V38 N3 Read the December 1993 Newsletter V38 N4 Steve Jorgensen reported that Sharon Price and Jay Mancini had been appointed the new “Series” editors; five new books were published by NCFR, including Vision 2010 Series: Adolescents, by Sharon Price. The search for a new Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family began because Marilyn Coleman’s 4-year term was up.

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Structure and Governance in 1992–93

The Affirmative Action Committee was chaired by Tony Jurich, and the Long-Range Planning Committee was chaired by Felix Berardo. A new process for nominations to NCFR offices was adopted. A revised statement of beliefs about families for use in public policy activities was proposed by Barbara Settles and adopted.

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Leadership in 1992–93

Board members this year were as follows: President-Elect: Harriette McAdoo Past President: Brent Miller Treasurer: Joe Pittman Public Policy Vice President: Barbara Settles Membership Vice President: Bill Meredith Sections and their chairs were the following: Barbara Elliott, FH; David Wright, FT; Kathleen Gilbert, FD; Edith Lewis, EM; Helena Lopata, IN; Connie Shehan, FFS; Carol Darling, EE; Linda Airsman, SNP; Karen Blaisure, SNP Representative-Elect; Catherine Surra, RT; Elaine Anderson, FP; Bron Ingoldsby, RFL; Carol Matusicky, AC President-Elect; Connie Steele, AC President; Steve Jorgensen, Publications Vice President; Greer Litton Fox, Annual Conference Program Vice President-Elect; Bill Doherty, Annual Conference Vice President; Catherine Chilman, […]

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Other Activities in 1991–92

Roger Rubin chaired the Public Policy Committee and submitted new plan for the committee and a new statement of NCFR Policy Beliefs about families to be used for Congressional mailings and publicity. Read the 1992 report of the NCFR public policy committee. Read the 1992 NCFR public policy plan.

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Sections in 1991–92

The Feminism and Family Studies Section raised $10,000 to endow the Jessie Bernard Award fund. Read the April 1991 Feminism and Family Studies section newsletter, Kristine Baber, Editor Read the October 1991 Feminism and Family Studies section newsletter, Kristine Baber, Editor Read the April 1992 Feminism and Family Studies section newsletter, Kristine Baber, Editor The Family Discipline Section changed its name to Family Science Section. The Education and Enrichment Section published changes in the CFLE program. The Family Therapy Section awarded its first graduate student award. Read the Spring 1993 Ethnic Minorities Section Newsletter Read the Fall 1993 Ethnic Minorities […]

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Journals and Publications in 1991–92

Mark Fine, Associate Professor at the University of Dayton, a psychologist and family therapist, was elected the new Editor of Family Relations, starting with the January 1993 issue. Special thanks were extended to Alan Booth and Norma Luebke for their excellent editing of the Journal of Marriage and the Family for an extended 6 years. Marilyn Coleman was elected the next Editor of the journal. The Executive Director reported that the sales of publications other than the journals had netted a total of $108,646. Subsidiary income from royalties, reprints, an advertising brought in an additional $52,511.

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Awards in 1991–92

Helena Lopata, recipient of the Burgess Award the previous year, delivered her Burgess Award Address at the conference. Leanor Boulin Johnson was the recipient of the Marie Peters Award.

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