1994 Conference: Families and Justice: From Neighborhoods to Nations

In honor of the UN International Year of the Family, the theme of NCFR’s Annual Conference  was “Families and Justice: From Neighborhoods to Nations” (building the smallest democracy at the heart of society). It took place at the Minneapolis Hilton Towers Hotel November 10–13, 1994. Greer Litton Fox was Program Vice President. Pre-conference workshops were held on November 8 and 9. Local arrangement co-chairs were Marilyn Rossman, Ron Pitzer, David Bredehoft, and Mary Ann Smith. Keynote speakers included Jacqueline Jones, who spoke on “Historical Perspectives on Families and Justice in Distressed Communities” and Carol Rogerson, who addressed “Justice Between Spouses Upon Divorce.” A […]

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Leadership in 1993–94

NCFR President Harriette Pipes McAdoo was a renowned scholar and Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University. She and her husband, John, who preceded her in death, collaborated with Marie Peters, David Baptiste, and Robert Staples in organizing the “Minority Caucus,” which became the Ethnic Minorities Section. She became chair of that Section. McAdoo was the first recipient of the Marie Peters Award for outstanding scholarship focusing on Black families in 1982. She was a long-time leader in NCFR and the Groves Conference. She had a stellar reputation as a mentor of students and young scholars. In addition, she contributed a prolific body of […]

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