Sections and Other Activities in 1995–96

Sections were involved in streamlining paper proposals for the Annual Conferences and creating ideas for raising their own funds to support their various activities. Read the March 1996 Feminism and Family Studies Section newsletter, Carmen Knudson-Martin, Editor Marilyn Bensman and Margaret Feldman represented NCFR at the UN Conference, “Habitat II,” in Istanbul, Turkey, as official NGO observers. They led a workshop there on “Family Needs and the Use of Space.” They also ran an exhibit of NCFR publications that were popular. Feldman also attended the meetings of the “President’s Council on Women,” started by President Clinton as a follow-up to the Beijing World […]

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Affiliates in 1995–96

A task force to study the Association of Councils’ relationship to NCFR was chaired by Libby Blume. Members included Edith Lewis, Judy Rommel, Roger Rubin, Anne Stanberry, John Touliatos, Jamie White, and Kathy Collins Royce. The four goals included (1) budgeting, (2) membership/communication, (3) the Association of Councils governance structure, and (4) its relationship to the Board and Sections of NCFR. The Northwest Council (British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon Territory, Canada, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Alaska) held their annual meeting in collaboration with the Teaching Family Science Association and the EE Section on “Families in the Information Age” June 27–29, 1996, at the Embassy Suites […]

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Journals and Publications in 1995–96

A task force on the Future of the Journals was co-chaired by Alan Booth and Timothy Brubaker. Recommendations given to the Board were as follows: A moratorium was declared on any new publications. Margaret Crosbie-Burnett chaired the committee to look at the cost effectiveness of continuing the Vision 2010 Series and Families in Focus Series. A specific procedure was defined for all focus groups and sections to follow regarding writing, publishing and selling publications. Karen Wampler chaired a committee to develop “Ethical Guidelines for the Publications Committee.” Joe Pittman drafted recommendations for policies for future journal editor search committees.  In 1996, […]

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Awards in 1995–96

Elizabeth Thompson of the University of Wisconsin—Madison was given the Student Award. The Jesse Bernard Research Proposal Award was given to Kimberly Updegraff and Heather Helms-Erikson, of Pennsylvania State University, and to Beth Skilken-Catlet, of Ohio State University. Alice S. Rossi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Massachusetts, was the recipient of the Burgess Award. The Reuben Hill Award was given to Benjamin R. Karney and Thomas N. Bradbury, of the University of California, Los Angeles. The Distinguished Service to Families Award went to Margaret Feldman, of Ithaca College and Washington, DC.

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CFLE in 1995–96

In October 1996 the University of Wyoming became the first school to apply and be approved for program approval. Messiah College and Kansas State University followed and were approved as well, and all three were recognized at the 1996 NCFR Annual Conference. The CFLE Standards Revision Task Force was formed and met to clarify the standards and criteria needed for certification. Their task was to develop more definitive review criteria and identify measurable minimum standards. NCFR counted 200 new members brought into the organization by the CFLE program since 1994, providing a steady source of revenue to NCFR and strengthening the sections, especially […]

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Membership in 1995–96

The membership base comprised 3,978 individuals, up from the previous year and close to the goal of 4,000. Many of the new members were those obtained through the CFLE certification program. Of the 654 CFLEs, 609 were NCFR members, the majority at the Colleague level. Read the March 1996 Newsletter V41 N1 Read the June 1996 Newsletter V41 N2 Read the September 1996 Newsletter V41 N3 Read the December 1996 Newsletter V41 N4

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Structure and Governance in 1995–96

On April 26–27, 1996, the Board of Directors and entire NCFR staff met at the St. Paul Airport Hilton Hotel to begin a major strategic planning process: “Families and the Millennium: Building a New Association Paradigm.” Consultant for this process was Robert Burke, PhD, of St. Paul, MN. Several task forces were charged to work on an action plan for NCFR. These included a Visibility Task Force, chaired by Barbara Holder; a Membership Task Force, chaired by Karen Meyers-Bowman; and a Proactive Planning Task Force, chaired by Scott Allgood. In November, NCFR investments averaged 15.2% return (net of all fees).

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Leadership in 1995–96

NCFR President Michael J. Sporakowski was a professor in the Department of Family and Child Development and Extension Specialist in Family and Consumer Sciences at Virginia Tech. He was a prolific author of articles, extension curricula, and several edited books. A long-time member of NCFR,  Sporakowski also served as Editor of Family Relations. He held several positions on the Board and supported certification for family life educators. He served NCFR at the state and regional levels as President of the Virginia Council on Family Relations (1972–76) and the Southeastern Council on Family Relations (1979–81). He was also an avid golfer. The […]

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Other Activities in 1994–95

The International 4th World Conference on Women was held in Beijing, China, September 4–15,1995. Over 189 countries and governments attended and ratified the platform statement. Marilyn Bensman, Margaret Feldman, Harriette Pipes McAdoo, M. Janice Hogan, Lynda Walters, and Mary Jo Czaplewski were involved over a 3-year period. Meetings were held in Vienna, Austria; New York; and Beijing/Huairou, China. NCFR sent McAdoo, Feldman, and Czaplewski as official delegates with observer status to these two Chinese cities (i.e., Beijing and Huairou). There they presented a workshop on Family Life Education, Research and Policy. Others from NCFR who attended were Verna Hildebrand, Lucy Jackson Bayles and Dorothy Cudabeck. […]

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Affiliates and Sections in 1994–95

John Touliatos, Association of Councils President, chaired a committee on long-range planning to better unify the councils and provide financial resources. The Feminism and Family Studies Section celebrated its 10th anniversary by selling specially designed greeting cards and holding a special reception honoring Alexis Walker for her efforts at initiating the first focus group to become a section. Read the April 1994 Feminism and Family Studies Section newsletter, Vicki Loyer-Carlson, Editor Read the October 1994 Feminism and Family Studies Section newsletter, Vicki Loyer-Carlson, Editor Read the April 1995 Feminism and Family Studies Section newsletter, Vicki Loyer-Carlson, Editor Read the October 1995 Feminism and […]

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