Journals and Publications in 1997–98

A special task force was led by Timothy Brubaker for the purpose of studying the NCFR report to determine whether it should be outsourced and to discuss new and better content to serve practitioners. The report had been given a new mission statement: “To provide timely, useful information to help members succeed in their roles as researchers, educators, and practitioners. Articles to address family field issues, programs, trends including association news.” It was outsourced to a professional editor, Dr. Nancy Gigiere. Robert Milardo, Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family (JMF), reported submission of 276 manuscripts with an 11.9% acceptance […]

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Awards in 1997–98

The Reuben Hill Award was given to Benjamin Karnely and Tom Bradbury of the University of California, Los Angeles Vern Bengston of the University of Southern California received the Burgess Award.  The Jessie Bernard Award went to Susan Freidman and Hilary Lipo-Pastatch. The Jessie Bernard Research Proposal Award was given to Susan C. Harris of the University of Southern California.  Peggy Dilworth-Anderson of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill received the Marie Peters Award. The Ruth Jewson Award was given to Bethany Letique of the University of Maryland.  The Student Award was given to Melody Gage Stone of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

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Membership in 1997–98

NCFR experienced increases in all membership categories. The newcomers receptions at the Annual Conferences were popular, and Board members were asked to host each table. Efforts to include newcomers were showing success. Read the March 1998 Newsletter V43 N1 Read the June 1998 Newsletter V43 N2 Read the September 1998 Newsletter V43 N3 Read the December 1998 Newsletter V43 N4

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Structure and Governance in 1997–98

At the April 1998 Board meeting, by a vote of 22 to 1, the Board endorsed a shift in its governance practices to adopt policies based on the John Carver Model of Board Governance. From June 26 to 28, the Board met in retreat at the Doubletree Hotel, Minneapolis, MN, to discuss the process of implementing the model. (N.B.: This model was designed to reduce “rubber stamping,” promote proactive approaches, encourage staff freedom, enable the CEO, sharpen Board decisiveness, foster timely response to issues, clarify board and staff roles, emphasize vision and goals, and clarify ends vs. means. Members of the […]

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1998 Conference: Families in a Global Context: Media, Environment, and Peace

The theme chosen by Judith Myers Walls for the 1998 Annual Conference was “Families in a Global Context: Media, Environment, and Peace.” It was held November 14-17 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Milwaukee, WI. Jacqueline Haessly of Peacemaking Associates was the local arrangements chair. Attendance was approximately 1,100. Plenary speakers included Charlotte Cole and Anna Guenina of the Children’s TV Workshop, New York, and Moscow, Russia, who spoke on “A World of Sesame Street Families”; Barbara Adams, UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service, New York, who discussed “Sustainable Development: A Peace Plan for the21st Century”; Atie Dyregrov, Center for Crisis Psychology, Bergen, Norway, who spoke on “The […]

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Leadership in 1997–98

Greer Litton Fox was NCFR President in 1997–1998. Growing up in Kentucky, Greer came from a family of math teachers. She majored in sociology at Randolph-Macon Women’s College, where two of her research projects sparked a lifelong interest in federal correctional institutions and the social contexts of racial prejudice. She was awarded a full Danforth Foundation graduate fellowship and chose to attend the University of Michigan, where she studied sociology, population studies, and demography. She earned a PhD in 1970 and became a professor at Bowling Green State University. Later she taught at the University of Vermont, and then was Associate […]

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