Other Activities in 1999–2000

Under the leadership of Francisco Villarruel, the number of NCFR media entries increased to 97. NCFR increased its visibility nationally through press releases and contacts with reporters and was cited in  USA Today, the Associated Press, CBS Networks, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Also, several members appeared on TV, including William Doherty and Kay Hyatt. Outreach to Pacific Rim countries continued in efforts to establish Pacific Rim Family Life Education Certification. On March 23–24, Mary Jo Czaplewski, Executive Director emeritus, and Carol Matusicky, Director of the BC Council for Families, conducted successful seminars on family life education to over 800 teachers and […]

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Sections in 1999–2000

Cheryl Buehler and Bill Doherty of the Board Governance Policy Committee drafted new policies for NCFR Sections and the Board using the Carver governance model. The following wording was approved: The Board shall be responsible for: assuring that Sections’ organizational, programmatic and fiscal practices are not inconsistent with the purposes that Sections serve in NCFR and the procedures in the Section Policy Handbook developed by the Section Chairs and approved by the Board. By November 1 and/or prior to the Annual Conference, the outgoing Sections chairs shall prepare their Section reports for the incoming Section chairs. NCFR staff will assist […]

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Journals and Publications in 1999–2000

Allen Press took over the management and marketing of the journals and reported increases in subscribership. U.S. and foreign institutional subscriptions totaled 3,205, an overall increase of 8%. Individual subscribers increased by 35% for both journals. The NCFR membership approved of a name change for The Journal of Marriage and the Family. Thus, the two “the’s” were dropped and the title became Journal of Marriage and Family. A new mission statement for this journal was also approved: The Journal of Marriage and Family publishes original theory, research, and critical discussion. JMF encourages submissions on a wide variety of topics having to do […]

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Affiliates in 1999–2000

The Leadership Training workshop at the Annual Conference was presented by Program Chair Britton Wood. Dr. Bonnie Braun of the University of Maryland was the speaker on “Leadership Renewal: Leaving a Legacy.” Lane Powell reported on the “Bounce Back” survey results sent to all affiliates about the future. In response to the question, “If the affiliated councils disappeared from the face of the earth, what reasons would there be to put them back?”, five major affirming reasons emerged: (1) accessibility to the conference experience, sharing new information; (2) collaboration with colleagues; (3) application of researched practices; (4) increased visibility of the […]

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Awards in 1999–2000

The Marie Peters Award went to Hamilton McCubbin of the University of Wisconsin—Madison. The Jessie Bernard Research Award went to Jennifer Hardesty. Shelley Haddock was given the Jessie Bernard Feminist Scholar Award. The Reuben Hill Award was given to Paul Amato of Pennsylvania State University and Joan Gilbreth of the University of Nebraska. Valerie Mannis and Elizabeth Bannister were honored with the Anselm Strauss Award.  The Jan Trost Award was given to Gary Lee. A special Distinguished Service to Families Award was given to Sen. Paul Wellstone. The 2000 Fellows title was given to Elaine Anderson, Patricia Bell-Scott, David Demo, Mark Fine, Greer Litton Fox, […]

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CFLE in 1999–2000

The Experience Recognition process became available to established family life educators. Applicants had to meet a combination of  experience and degree requirements in order to apply under this streamlined process. The Experience Recognition process was made available in February, to remain open until December 31, 2000. NCFR joined the Coalition for Professional Certification (CPC). The CPC was formed in 1997 for the purpose of encouraging every certification organization to present a unified voice in Washington, with the intent of increasing the visibility and value of certification programs within employment settings. NCFR Executive Director Michael Benjamin, President-Elect Carol Darling, and Certification Director Dawn […]

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Structure and Governance and Membership in 1999–2000

The new Carver Model of Governance was now fully implemented, and the newly restructured Board began the tasks of developing the ends/means statements and policies. Between 1999 and 2000 there was a 2.8% increase in membership, to 3,. Of these 2,438 opted for Family Relations and 2,653 chose the Journal of Marriage and the Family. There were new membership features offered on the NCFR website, such as an online member database and NCFR journals online in full text. Read the March 2000 NCFR Report Magazine Read the June 2000 NCFR Report Magazine Read the September 2000 NCFR Report Magazine Read the December 2000 NCFR Report Magazine

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Leadership in 1999–2000

Stephen Jorgensen, Dean of the College Of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Missouri since the fall of 2001, was NCFR’s new President. Jorgensen was a former director and professor in the School of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Arkansas. Jorgensen earned his bachelor’s degree in sociology and Spanish at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. He also earned his doctorate in family sociology from the University of Minnesota. He had been with the University of Arkansas since 1999. Prior to that, Jorgensen served as Dean of the College Of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University. He also held various […]

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Other Activities in 1998–99

A retirement reception was held at the College of Human Ecology on the University of Minnesota campus to honor Dr. Mary Jo Czaplewski’s 15 years of service. A scholarship award was established in her honor for experienced scholars who wished to get additional training in administration and management for the purpose of moving into administration. Michael Benjamin, the new Executive Director of NCFR, held a Master’s of Public Health from Yale University with a major in mental health administration. His previous job was as Executive Director of the Institute for Mental Health Initiatives in Washington, DC. He had experience in grant […]

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Affiliates and Sections in 1998–99

Norma Burgess served as Association of Councils President and, together with Lane Powell, worked at adopting the new Carver Model of governance to the Councils. Several surveys had been conducted, and results were being tallied. The International Section members decided to put their newsletter, including section by-laws and minutes of past meetings, online through the NCFR website. A listserv of the Section members was also made available. The Family Policy Section sponsored a Public Policy Forum pre-conference session at the Annual Conference. The first Margaret Feldman Family Policy Internship Award was given to Kevin Roy, a PhD candidate at Northwestern University who used […]

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