Journals and Publications in 1998–99

A contract was signed with Allen Press of Lawrence, KS, for 3 years for editorial management in which NCFR was guaranteed 85% net surplus and Allen would take 15% with a guarantee of a minimum of $200,000. This move allowed NCFR to decrease staff by 3.5 full-time employees and save the organization money. Robert Milardo was completing his term as Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family. Kay Pasley was Editor of Family Relations. In 1999, an updated edition of Graduate Study in Marriage and Family: A Guide to Master’s and Doctoral Programs in the United States and Canada, edited by John […]

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Awards in 1998–99

The Student Award was given to Steven M. Kogan of the University of Georgia. Carol A. Darling of Florida State University received the Osborne Award. The Reuben Hill Award was given to Douglas B. Downey, James W. Ainsworth Darnell, and Mikaela J. Dufar, all of Ohio State University. The American Refugee Committee, Minneapolis, MN, received the Distinguished Service to Families Award. The first class of NCFR Fellows were nominated and approved by the committee, chaired by Alan Acock. They included Joan Aldous, Graham Spanier, Harriette McAdoo, Vern Bengtson, Alan Booth, Felix Berardo, Alexis Walker, Francis Fincham, Katherine Allen, Peggy Dilworth-Anderson, Judith Landau, and Patricia Noller. 

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Membership and CFLE in 1998–99

NCFR continued to attract international members through the conference and through the Internet. Read the March 1999 NCFR Report Magazine Read the June 1999 NCFR Report Magazine Read the September 1999 NCFR Report Magazine Read the December 1999 NCFR Report Magazine NCFR announced the Experience Recognition application option for established family life educators. This process was intended to be available for a limited time, until a CFLE exam was introduced. The NCFR Academic Program review had approved 41 programs. One hundred eighty-two applications for Provisional approval had been received through the Abbreviated Application process, available to graduates of NCFR-approved programs.

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Structure and Governance in 1998–99

By a 93% vote of the members who returned ballots, the new NCFR governance structure was ratified. Ten major changes in NCFR took effect immediately: Reduction in Board size from 24 to nine members elected by full membership and all serving 2-year terms. Board moved out of details of operations to focus on vision and priorities as articulated by the members of NCFR. Board member specialized roles de-emphasized and all members held accountable for organizational issue. Board officers reduced to three: President, President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer Functional vice presidents replaced by five at-large members from which Secretary/Treasurer will be appointed. President of Association of Councils and […]

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1999 Conference: Borders, Boundaries, and Beacons: Diverse Families in Dynamic Societies

NCFR’s 61st Annual Conference was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Irvine, CA, November 10–15. The theme was “Borders, Boundaries, and Beacons: Diverse Families in Dynamic Societies.” Katherine Allen was Program Vice President. Denise Berg, a family therapist from Irvine, CA, served as the local arrangements chair. Plenary speakers included Mary Catherine Bateson (daughter of Margaret Mead, a charter member of NCFR), who spoke on intergenerational family legacies across time and space; Lou Bellamy, who spoke on the experiences of African Americans during the rural to urban migration of the early 20th century; and Marta Sotomayer, who spoke on contemporary immigration issues affecting Hispanic families, particularly in […]

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Leadership in 1998–99

NCFR President William Doherty was named an NCFR Fellow in 2004. He co-founded and chaired the Family and Health Section (1984–86), served on the Nominating Committee (1987–88), and was Program Vice President in 1992–93. He was co-founder of the Men in Families Focus Group (1992–95). He was awarded the Margaret E. Arcus Award for Outstanding Contribution to Family Life Education in 2005. He was co-editor of the Sourcebook of Family Theories and Methods: A Contextual Approach (Plenum Press). His research interests include democratic community building with families, citizen health care, marriage, fatherhood, community-engaged parent education, families dealing with chronic illnesses, and ethics. Doherty […]

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