Sections and Other Activities in 2002–03

Section chairs were as follows: EE, H. Wallace Goddard; EM, Wynona Bryant-Williams; FH, Teresa W. Julian; FP, Patricia Dyk; FS, Laura S. Smart; FT, Kathleen Briggs; FF, Anisa Zvonkovic; IN, Jacki Fitzpatrick; RF, Thomas W. Roberts; RT, Ann C. Crouter. A series of fact sheets and policy briefs were published and marketed with the grant money from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Fact sheets were “Assuring the Future: Family Life Education,” “Family Caregivers: Helping Families Meet the Needs of Older Adults,” “Health and Economic Well-Being of Rural Families,” and “Marriage Promotion in Low-Income Families.” The policy briefs included “Effective Mothering in […]

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Affiliates and Journals and Publications in 2002–03

The CFLE marketing sent letters to all state Affiliates listing all CFLEs in each of their states and asking the Affiliate to promote certification at their various conferences. Two new publications—Vision 2003: Contemporary Family Issues, a compilation of articles from the 2002 conference presentations with contributing authors Gregory Acs, Scott Coltrane, Howard Markman, Laura Sanchez, Arlene Skolnick, et al., and Family Life Education: Integrating Theory & Practice, edited by David Bredhoft, and Mike Walcheski, both of Concordia University—were released. The contract for publishing and marketing the two journals with Allen Press expired, and Blackwell Publishing became the new manager of the […]

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Membership and Awards in 2002–03

In September, NCFR counted 3,688 members, including 800 students, and 98 organizational members. This indicated growth in the student population of NCFR. Read the March 2003 NCFR Report Magazine Read the June 2003 NCFR Report Magazine Read the September 2003 NCFR Report Magazine Read the December 2003 NCFR Report Magazine Awards and recipients were the following: Student Award: Ani Yazedjian, University of Illinois Osborne Award: Nelwyn Moore and J. Kenneth Davidson, University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire and Southwest State at San Marcos, Texas Jessie Bernard Research Proposal: Laura Sabattini, University of Southern California  Jessie Bernard Scholarly Contributions: Margie Kiter, University of Delaware Jan Trost Award: Bert Adams, University of Wisconsin  Reuben […]

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Leadership in 2002–03

The Board members were as follows: President: Carol A. Darling President-Elect: Gay Kitson Members-at-Large: Martha Farrell Erickson, Larry Ganong, Leslie Koepke, Judith Myers-Walls, and Jane Tornatore  President, Association of Councils: Raeann Hamon Student/New Professionals Representative: Adriana Umaña-Taylor

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Sections and Other Activities in 2001–02

Elected Section officers for 2002–2004 were as follows: EE, Lynnette Olson, chair-elect; EM, Farrell Webb, chair-elect; FH, Barbara Mandleco, chair-elect; FS, Laura Smart, chair; and FT, Volker Thomas, chair-elect. An Annie E. Casey Foundation Grant of $75,000 was given to NCFR for the purpose of developing teams of researchers and practitioners to provide a special issue of Family Relations and fact sheets on issues of families and children of concern. The Third Annual Public Policy Conference took place April 18–19, 2002, in Washington, DC. The theme was “Mid-Term Progress: Economic Stability for Families.” Over 76 attendees participated in dialogue regarding the Temporary […]

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Journals and Publications in 2001–02

Alexis Walker, Journal of Marriage and Family Editor, reported an increase in unsolicited manuscripts of 7.6% (287 manuscripts). In addition, seven papers were commissioned. Acceptance rates were close to 8%. The journal continued to be ranked #1 by total citations and #2 by impact in Journal Citation Reports. Kay Pasley, Editor of Family Relations, reported a 10.3% acceptance rate. The journal’s ranking by the Citation Reports was sixth in total citations, 18th by impact factor, and fourth among social work journals. NCFR members rated the Journal of Marriage and Family superior for technical quality, theoretical basis, clarity, relevance, and sound methodology. The Decade in Review 2000 was also […]

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Affiliates in 2001–02

The Northwest Council held a conference in June 2002. At the NCFR Annual Conference, Britton Wood, Association of Councils program chair, coordinated a roundtable session on strengthening the affiliates. NCFR offered $500 start-up grants to campuses that wished to start college or student councils. There were 19 campus councils. Many identified unique mission statements.

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Structure and Governance, Membership, and Awards in 2001–02

The Fellowship Committee terms were extended from 2 to 3 year terms for more continuity in reviewing. Approximately 4,007 members of NCFR were counted this year. Read the March 2002 NCFR Report Magazine Read the June 2002 NCFR Report Magazine Read the September 2002 NCFR Report Magazine Read the December 2002 NCFR Report Magazine Awards and recipients were the following: Student Award: Jason Hans, University of Missouri—Columbia Marie Peters Award: Norma Bond Burgess, Syracuse University Jan Trost Award: Bron Ingoldsby, Brigham Young University Burgess Award: Pauline Boss, University of Minnesota Reuben Hill Award: William Axim and Scott Yabiku, University of Michigan; Jody Van Laningham and David R. […]

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2002 Conference: Families Over the Life Course: Bridging Research and Practice

The 64th Annual Conference was held in Houston, TX, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, November 19–24. The theme chosen by Alan Booth, conference program chair, was “Families Over the Life Course: Bridging Research and Practice.” Maxine Hammonds-Smith was local arrangements chair, and the Texas Council on Family Relations hosted the special Western Rodeo and Zydeco Dance on Saturday evening at the Brown Convention Center. Booth chose to use thematic panel discussions instead of single-speaker plenaries. The session titles asked questions: “Is Strengthening Marriage to Reduce the Divorce Rate a Workable Strategy for Policy and Intervention?” Panelists were Bill Doherty, Arlene Skolnick, Laura Sanchez, […]

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Leadership in 2001–02

NCFR President Carol Darling, CFLE, the Margaret R. Sandels Professor of Human Sciences in the Department of Family and Children Sciences at Florida State University and Distinguished Teaching Professor at Florida State University, was the recipient of two Fulbright Scholarships. Darling used both Fulbrights to teach family life education and conduct research in Finland at the University of Helsinki in 1995 and 2005, where she represented NCFR and intended to “infuse international family life education as a theme.” A native of Virginia, MN, Darling earned her BA and MA at the University of Minnesota and her doctoral degree in family ecology from Michigan […]

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