Other Activities in 2003–04

The Fifth Annual Policy Conference was jointly sponsored with AAFCS and NCFR in Washington, DC, on April 1 and 2, 2004. The theme was “Families at the Crossroads,” and it focused on the four issues of Medicare, education, health care, and the economy.  The recipient of the NCFR Special Services to Families Award was Rep. Dennis DeFazio (D-OR) for his work with military families. In the wake of Margaret Feldman’s retirement and move back to Ithaca, NY, NCFR opened a policy office in Washington, DC, at the Instate Natural Gas Association of America. An Emerging Leadership Training Institute was held on November […]

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Sections in 2003–04

The Education and Enrichment, Ethnic Minorities, Family Science, Family Therapy, and Research and Theory Sections now had their own websites linked to NCFR under the “About Us” heading. The Research and Theory Section created “Ethical Guidelines for Editors, Authors and Reviewers.” The Sections requested clarification from the finance office on their budgets.

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Journals and Publications in 2003–04

Joyce Arditti became the new Family Relations Editor. The Board approved a new mission statement for the journal: Family Relations: Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied Family Studies publishes basic and applied articles that are original, innovative and interdisciplinary, and that focus on diverse family forms and issues. Audiences include educators in academic and community settings, researchers with an applied or evaluation focus, family practitioners and family policy specialists. Appropriate articles include empirically-based applied research, educational philosophies or practices, critical syntheses of relevant substantive areas, program evaluations, curriculum development and assessment, issues in the discipline, professional development and assessment, and basic research […]

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Affiliates in 2003–04

The Northwest Council on Family Relations held a joint conference with the Family Science Association Annual Teaching Family Science Conference at West Yellowstone, MT, at the Gateway to Yellowstone. The theme was “Sharing Information about International Families Through Teaching and Research.” Arminta Jacobson, who was Association of Councils program chair, coordinated the leadership workshop on November 17. Many of the 10 state affiliates celebrated the International Year of the Family anniversary with special events on campuses.

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Awards in 2003–04

The following individuals received awards this year: NCFR Student Award: Leigh Ann Simmons-Wescott, University of Georgia Ruth Jewson Award: Leigh Ann Simmons-Wescott, University of Georgia Margaret Arcus Award: William Doherty, University of Minnesota McAdoo Dissertation Award: Monica Monton Sanders, Michigan State University Jessie Bernard Scholarship/Contributions: April Few, Dionne Stephens, and Marlo Rouse-Arnett Jon Trost Award: Mark Hutter Burgess Award: Harriette Pipes McAdoo, Michigan State University Reuben Hill Award: K. A. S. Wickrama, Iowa State University, and Chalandran Bryant, Pennsylvania State University Anselm Strauss Award: Judith Wuest, Marilyn Fod-Gilbok, Marilyn Merritt-Gray, and Helene Berman The NCFR Fellows named were J. Kenneth Davidson, Michael Johnson, Leigh […]

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Membership in 2003–04

A drop in renewing members was reported, largely because the universities were no longer paying for professional dues and because the journals were now online. A membership-calling campaign was initiated that brought back many lapsed members who appreciated the personal calls and reminders. Read the March 2004 NCFR Report Magazine Read the June 2004 NCFR Report Magazine Read the September 2004 NCFR Report Magazine Read the December 2004 NCFR Report Magazine

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Structure and Governance in 2003–04

The Board continued to hone its skills on the Carver model of governance as handbooks were revised. NCFR assets were reported at $1.65 million, a 5% increase over the previous year, due in part to the new journal publishing contract with Blackwell Publishers and royalties remaining from Allen Press. President Gay Kitson supported the Emerging Leadership Training Institute as a means to preparing members for leadership roles in NCFR. In June, Steven Worth of Plexus Consulting was hired by the Board to work on a strategic plan for  NCFR. Two membership surveys revealed that the core cadre of members were […]

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Leadership in 2003–04

NCFR President Gay Kitson had been a professor of sociology at the University of Akron since 1989. Prior to that, she was an associate professor at Case Western Reserve in the Departments of Sociology and Anthropology and Family Medicine and Psychiatry in the School of Medicine. In the late 1980s, Kitson received a $620,000 grant from the National Institute on Aging to conduct the study among Greater Cleveland (OH) wives and children who were victims of violent crimes. She received grants from the National Institute of Mental Health, which enabled her to conduct research on other projects.  She also wrote, or collaborated on, 26 journal […]

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Sections and Other Activities in 2002–03

Section chairs were as follows: EE, H. Wallace Goddard; EM, Wynona Bryant-Williams; FH, Teresa W. Julian; FP, Patricia Dyk; FS, Laura S. Smart; FT, Kathleen Briggs; FF, Anisa Zvonkovic; IN, Jacki Fitzpatrick; RF, Thomas W. Roberts; RT, Ann C. Crouter. A series of fact sheets and policy briefs were published and marketed with the grant money from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Fact sheets were “Assuring the Future: Family Life Education,” “Family Caregivers: Helping Families Meet the Needs of Older Adults,” “Health and Economic Well-Being of Rural Families,” and “Marriage Promotion in Low-Income Families.” The policy briefs included “Effective Mothering in […]

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Affiliates and Journals and Publications in 2002–03

The CFLE marketing sent letters to all state Affiliates listing all CFLEs in each of their states and asking the Affiliate to promote certification at their various conferences. Two new publications—Vision 2003: Contemporary Family Issues, a compilation of articles from the 2002 conference presentations with contributing authors Gregory Acs, Scott Coltrane, Howard Markman, Laura Sanchez, Arlene Skolnick, et al., and Family Life Education: Integrating Theory & Practice, edited by David Bredhoft, and Mike Walcheski, both of Concordia University—were released. The contract for publishing and marketing the two journals with Allen Press expired, and Blackwell Publishing became the new manager of the […]

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