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Aaron Rutledge

Abbie Goldberg

Ada Alden

Adolph Meyer

Adolph Meyer was NCFR's second president from 1939-1940. Dr. Meyer (1866-1950) was a distinguished Swiss psychiatrist and neurologist who at that time was a professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins U...

Adriana Umana-Taylor

Aine Humble

Alan Acock

Alan Booth

Alexis Walker

Alexis Joan Walker was a longtime leader of NCFR and served as President, JMF editor, Program Vice President, and Feminism and Family Studies founding section chair. She received her Ph.D. from Pennsy...

Alice Rossi

Alicia Hillar

Allison Wickler

Andrew Cherlin

Andrew Billingsley

Ani Yazedjian

Anisa Zvonkovic

Ann Ellwood

Ann Garwick

Ann Crouter

Ann Staton

Anne Stanberry

Anthony Jurich

April Few

Arland Thornton

Arminta Jacobson

Asa Hilliard

Augustus Napier

Azim Nanji

Barbara Chandler

Barbara Settles

Barbara Elliott

Barbara Mandleco

Barrie Thorne

Beatrice Paolucci

Benjamin Andrews

Bernice Milburn Moore

Bert Adams

Bert N. Adams was NCFR's 41st President from 1983-84. Adams (Ph.D., University of North Carolina) is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He is a former Preside...

Betty Barber

Bettye Caldwell

Bill Allen

Bill Meredith

Blaine Porter

Blaine R. Porter was NCFR's 21st President from 1963-64. He was then Professor and Head of the Dept. of Human Development and Family Relationships, Brigham Young University, and was a widely known le...

Bonnie Martin

Brent Miller

Britton Wood

Bron Ingoldsby

Bruce Hafen

Carlfred Broderick

Carlfred Broderick was NCFR's 33rd President from 1975-76. Broderick was a professor of Sociology at the University of Southern California. He was also a noted author, therapist, father of eight chil...

Carmen Knudson-Martin

Carol MacKinnon

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