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Structure and Governance in 1989–90

The Strategic Planning Committee for the future of NCFR was identified as the major Board activity. President-Elect Lynda Walters was appointed chair of this committee, which was scheduled to meet in January. The Stevens Group continued to consult with the committee on this important project. Both strengths and weakness of the organization, as well as core values, were identified as a guide to NCFR’s longevity. These included overall excellence in programs; financial stability; NCFR’s diversification; organizational stability (its long history); integration, continuity, and efficiency of structure; and appreciation for multidisciplinary views. At the April 6, 1990, Board meeting the strategic plan was unveiled, including constitutional […]

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Other Activities in 1987–88

The Family Resources Database (FRD) hired a new director, Dr. Rocky Ralebipi, whose doctorate was in Library Science and Database management. She added descriptor codes to all the data. Four hundred fifty prepaid orders for the 1986 volume of IMFL were collected. NCFR began to do searches for its members at a low cost, and a user manual for the database was written. Contracts were signed with other international database companies, such as BRS, Dialog, and ETSI. FRD staff included Craig Roberts, consultant; Dianne Vigenser, keyer; and Elaine Morrow, proofer.  Joseph Bremner, President of Database Development, Inc., served as a consultant. Board discussion took […]

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Journals and other Publications and Membership in 1985–86

The Family Resources Database published an annotated bibliography on Teen Pregnancy that sold over 300 copies. This was a trial experiment in producing hard copy from the Database that may have proved to be profitable. Read the March 1986 Newsletter V31 N1 Read the June 1986 Newsletter V31 N2 Read the September 1986 Newsletter V31 N3 Read the December 1986 Newsletter V31 N4

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Journals and Publications in 1974–75

Carlfred Broderick’s term as Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family expired, but he observed that there had been a nearly 100% increase in the number of manuscripts received in the past 6 years and an improvement in the quality of papers. The ratio of acceptance:rejection in 1975 was 1:7. A special issue of the Journal of Marriage and the Family was dedicated to the topic of “Macrosociology of the Family.” Family Coordinator also published a special issue that carried two mini-sections on “Marriage Enrichment” and “Leisure and the Family.” Another special issue focused on “Variant Family Forms” and “New Marriage Styles.” […]

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