Affiliates in 1967–68

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Affiliated Councils chair was Obert Kempson. Joseph Burroughs gave the following report on Affiliated Councils with the following recommendations based on data collected, consultation, and study:

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  2. Bylaws Section 4 be amended to read: “State and Regional Councils which share the purposes of the NCFR and desire to become integrated units of NCFR may become divisions.”
  3. Add new section 5 to bylaws: “Agencies and organizations sharing the same purpose as NCFR and desiring mutual communication and cooperation may become affiliated organizations.”
  4. Bylaws Section 5 become Section 6 and read: “Dues for divisions of FR Councils be in common with the NCFR constitution including statement of purpose:
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  •   Allow for local modifications
  •  Each division includes in its name the phrase, “Council on Family Relations.
  • The constitutions of divisions be reviewed by the committee on divisions of FRC when application is made for membership by a state or region.
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  2. A dues package be proposed by the finance committee to include state or regional dues and NCFR dues.
  3. NCFR develop a program of services for divisions of FRCs.
  4. NCFR employ a field director to implement above programs
  5. State and regional councils be encouraged to seek incorporation.
  6. A community or county council having the same purposes as the state CFRs may qualify for membership in AC provided their policy, program, constitution are reviewed by the state council or where no state council exists, apply directly to NCFR.
    Report was accepted but not acted upon.

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