1969 brings Family Action section to NCFR

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At the 1969 conference in Washington D.C., a group of students and young professionals, led by David Olson and Roger Rubin, established a Family Action group.

In its brief 48-hour existence, the group was recognized by the NCFR Executive Committee and given committee and section status in the organization. At that same time, student and young professionals were added to the Board and to all committees.

Its first action was a proposal for a position paper regarding “The Effect of the Vietnam War on Family Life in Southeast Asia and the United States.” Gordon Shipman, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, wrote the initial paper, which, after revision, was approved by the Executive Committee and passed by the members of NCFR at the business meeting. A statement was sent to President Nixon and to the press.

Family Action was the first new NCFR section formed since the 1962 reorganization which had reduced the number of sections to four. In 1990, the Family Action section was renamed Family Policy, the name under which it continues to operate.

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