Leadership in 1989–90

M. Janice Hogan

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 M. Janice Hogan was the new NCFR President. She is Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota. Hogan was Professor and Department Head of Family Social Science and Associate Dean in the College of Human Ecology until the college was restructured in 2006. She served in many capacities in the NCFR prior to her election to the presidency. She retired in 2010 but continues to serve the university and is on the finance committee of NCFR. Her special commitment is working with poor and homeless families as Chair of the Board of Directors at the Theresa Living Center in St. Paul and with people with mental illness as an advocate for People Incorporated.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The new board of directors included the following:

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  • President: M. Janice Hogan
  • President-Elect: Lynda Walters
  • Treasurer: Pamela Monroe
  • Secretary: Gladys Hildreth
  • Program Vice President: Jay Schvaneveldt
  • Program Vice President-Elect: Alexis Walker
  • Membership Vice President: Betty Barber
  • Student/Young Professional Representative: Norma Bond Burgess
  •  Student/Young Professional Representative-Elect: Patricia Dyk
  • Association of Councils President: Marilyn Flick
  • Association of Councils President-Elect: Jean Markell
  • Past President: David H. Olson
  • Executive Director: Mary Jo Czaplewski

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 Sections and their chairs were as follows:

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  • Education and Enrichment, Patricia Knaub
  • Family Action, Shirley Zimmerman
  • Families and Health, Shirley Hanson
  • Family Discipline, William Meredith
  • Family Therapy, Anthony Jurich
  • Feminism and Family Studies, Karen Polonko
  • International, Karen Altergott
  • Religion and Family Life, Connie Steele

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 Sheila Reibe was introduced to the board as the new Business and Finance Manager.


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