Journals and Publications in 1950

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Gladys Groves became the third editor of Marriage and Family Living, effective with the Spring 1950 issue, after Ernest Burgess’s retirement. The editorial office was moved from Chicago to Chapel Hill, NC. The last issue of Marriage and Family Living for 1950 (Fall) was devoted to papers on family life education and marriage counseling. The 1950 volume contained 164 pages, quite an increase.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Another new feature in the journal was called “The Problem Box.” It was intended to meet the needs of NCFR members who encountered difficulties in teaching, counseling, and research techniques or content. The members were asked to send succinctly stated questions to the editors of the column, who would then pass them on to experts in the particular family areas into which they fell. The experts would state their points of view about the problem raised, and these would be published in The Problem Box. It was felt that relatively inexperienced NCFR members could informally seek the help of experts while at the same time helping others experiencing similar problems. Robert A. Harper, Chairman of the Family Life Department at the Merrill–Palmer School in Detroit, was the first editor of this column in 1950.


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