Leadership in 1970–71

Gerald Leslie

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Gerald Leslie became NCFR’s 28th President. He was a sociology professor at the University of Florida and was a prolific textbook writer. Shortly after assuming office, he was quoted as saying, “The NCFR is alive with change—a chief topic of discussion at Executive Committee and Board Meetings. NCFR is seeking to redefine its mission.” His questions to the members were “How can NCFR better serve its members?” and “What role should NCFR take in the panoply of national organizations, and what role should it play in public affairs?”

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 An excerpt from Leslie‘s Presidential Address follows:

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 Not long ago a colleague whose specialty is not the family commented to me, “Whatever will happen to marriage education courses if it is someday determined that there is a positive correlation between premarital intercourse and marital adjustment?” Two or three decades ago many workers in the family field expressed their values including the permanency of marriage, and adherence to traditional sex standards . . . rather openly. Now, while few unqualifiedly profess such values, careful scrutiny of both research and action programs might indicate considerable support . . . being given to these same values . . . The challenge presented by the intrusion of values into research offers more opportunity for major breakthrough in both theory and research than does any other single area.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 The following individuals comprised the Executive Committee:

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  • President: Gerald R. Leslie
  • President-Elect: Eleanore B. Luckey
  • Past President: Richard Hey
  • Secretary: Dr. Elizabeth T. Sheerer
  • Treasurer: Frederick Berger
  • Editors: Carlfred Broderick and William C. Nichols
  • Members-at-Large: Robert Coombs, Anne Lawson, Mary Lou Purcell, Robert E. Staples, David Olson, and James Maddock
  • Publications Board Chair: Blaine Porter

6 Leave a comment on paragraph 6 0 Sections and their chairs were as follows:

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  2. Counseling, chaired by William Eastman
  3. Education, chaired by Barbara Chandler
  4. Family Action, chaired by Mike Sporakowski
  5. Research and Theory, chaired by Richard Udry
  6. Special Emphases, chaired by Theodore B. Johannis
  7. Standards for CFLE, chaired by Rose Somerville

8 Leave a comment on paragraph 8 0 There were 15 elected members of the Board of Directors, an International Editor of the Journal of Marriage and the Family (Pierre de Bie, Belgium), and a Book Review Editor for the Journal of Marriage and the Family (David Schulz).

9 Leave a comment on paragraph 9 0 Wally Denton, Norma Hodson, William Smith, and Rose Somerville were Associate Editors of Family Coordinator.

10 Leave a comment on paragraph 10 0 Chairpersons for the awards were the following:

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  • Burgess Award—Robert Winch, chair
  • Osborne Award—Laurence Smardan, chair
  • Student Award—James Maddock, chair
  • Annual Film Award—Mary Lou Purcell, chair


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