Leadership in 1997–98

Greer Litton Fox

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Greer Litton Fox was NCFR President in 1997–1998. Growing up in Kentucky, Greer came from a family of math teachers. She majored in sociology at Randolph-Macon Women’s College, where two of her research projects sparked a lifelong interest in federal correctional institutions and the social contexts of racial prejudice. She was awarded a full Danforth Foundation graduate fellowship and chose to attend the University of Michigan, where she studied sociology, population studies, and demography. She earned a PhD in 1970 and became a professor at Bowling Green State University. Later she taught at the University of Vermont, and then was Associate Director of the Merrill–Palmer Institute and Professor of Sociology at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. After 8 years there, she became a scientific reviewer for grant proposals at the National Institute of Mental Health. She eventually received a grant of her own to study mother–daughter communication, specifically how young women learn about sexuality and what part their mothers played in the process, which led to several publications and an invitation to return to Wayne State University. Her husband, Bruce, finished his PhD in psychology in 1975. They had two daughters, Katherine and Arminta. She became a department chair at the University of Tennessee where she taught courses in research methods, survey research, and family diversity. Her keen interest in family violence and father roles was shaped by her father’s homicide. She was a long-time member of NCFR, serving as Board Secretary, Program Vice President, and President. It was during her term as President that NCFR began looking at an alternative model of board governance, the John Carver model, which the Executive Director had learned about through her affiliation with ASAE.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The Board this year included the following:

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  • President: Greer Litton Fox
  • President-Elect: William J. Doherty
  • Program Vice President: Judith Myers-Walls
  • Program Vice President-Elect: Katherine R. Allen
  • Membership Vice President: Rosemary Blieszner
  • Public Policy Vice President: Nancy Kingsbury
  • Publications Vice President: Richard Gelles
  • Secretary: Mark J. Benson
  • Treasurer: Kathleen Gilbert
  • President, Association of Councils: James J. Ponzetti
  • President-Elect, Association of Councils: Norma Bond Burgess
  • Students/New Professionals Representative: Pamela Choice
  • Students/New Professionals Representative-Elect: Debra Hughes
  • Finance Manager: John Pepper

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 Sections and chairs were as follows: EE, Sally Martin; EM, Velma McBride Murray; FH, Patricia Tomlinson; FP, Leslie Koepke; FS, Rebecca Adams; FT, Janice Long; FF, Donna Sollie; IN, Jay Schvaneveldt for Bron Ingoldsby; RF, Judy Watson Tiesel; RT, Paul Amato; Executive Director, Mary Jo Czaplewski.


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