Journals and Publications in 1996–97

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 A proposal was submitted to the Board for the sale of the NCFR journals to Sage Publishing Co. This came as a result of the Publications Committee’s recommendation to find a publisher who would market and sell the inventory of “other publications.” No publisher out of 11 who received RFPs was interested. Sage, however, wanted to purchase the Journal of Marriage and the Family and Family Relations only. These journals were the primary asset of NCFR, providing 49% of all operational revenue. Thus, a professional valuation firm, Boulay, Heutmaker & Zibell, was hired to assess the market value of the NCFR journals. They were valued at many times more than Sage was prepared to offer. The Board made a decision not to sell the journals to Sage. A recommendation to sign a contract with JSTOR for online publishing was also submitted.

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