Leadership in 1998–99

William Doherty

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 NCFR President William Doherty was named an NCFR Fellow in 2004. He co-founded and chaired the Family and Health Section (1984–86), served on the Nominating Committee (1987–88), and was Program Vice President in 1992–93. He was co-founder of the Men in Families Focus Group (1992–95). He was awarded the Margaret E. Arcus Award for Outstanding Contribution to Family Life Education in 2005. He was co-editor of the Sourcebook of Family Theories and Methods: A Contextual Approach (Plenum Press). His research interests include democratic community building with families, citizen health care, marriage, fatherhood, community-engaged parent education, families dealing with chronic illnesses, and ethics.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Doherty studied at the University of Connecticut under former President and professor Eleanor Luckey and NCFR member Robert Ryder. From them he learned to integrate both research and practice and to see families humanistically as well as systems. He earned both his master’s and PhD degrees at the University of Connecticut. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a scholar at the University of Minnesota Family Social Science Department He has authored many books and journal articles, including Soul Searching: Why Psychotherapy Must Promote Moral Responsibility (1995). In his brief autobiography, printed in Pioneering Paths in the Study of Families (2000), Doherty summed himself up in these words: “I am a Catholic–Paulist–Unitarian/Universalist–Family Scientist–Family Therapist who loves theory, practice, moral exploration, research, cultural exploration and democratic community building, organizational development, and working with students.” During his presidency of NCFR he initiated the Carver Model of Board Governance, which shifted the role of the Board from one of micro-management and reactionism to one of setting vision and setting priorities for the organization, based on input from the members. He led the search for a new Executive Director in the wake of Mary Jo Czaplewski‘s July 1999 retirement.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 The Board this year comprised the following individuals:

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  • President: William Doherty
  • President-Elect: Steve Jorgensen
  • Past President: Greer Litton Fox
  • Program Vice President: Katherine Allen
  • Program Vice President-Elect: Elaine A. Anderson
  • Members-at-Large: Mark J. Benson, Karen Bogenschneider, Timothy H. Brubaker, Cheryl Buehler, and Kathleen Gilbert
  • President, Association of Councils: Norma Bond Burgess
  • President-Elect, Association of Councils: Lane Powell
  • Student/New Professionals Representative: Debra Hughes
  • Student/New Professionals Representative-Elect: Hilary Rose

5 Leave a comment on paragraph 5 0 Section chairs were the following: EE, Howard Barnes; EM, Francisco A. Villarruel; FH, Vivian Gedaly-Duff; FP, Leslie Koepke; FS, Mary Ann Hollinger; FT, James Harper; FF, Donna Sollie; IN, Bron Ingoldsby; RF, Judy Watson Tiesel; RT, Paul Amato.


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