Structure and Governance in 1996–97

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 On July 24, 1997, a Presidential Task Force on the Future of NCFR met at the Crystal City Hyatt Hotel in Arlington, VA. Members included Graham Spanier, Chair; Pauline Boss, President; Greer Litton Fox, President-Elect; Past Presidents Sharon Price, David Olson, Lynda Henley Walters, Harriette McAdoo, and Alexis Walker; and President-Elect Bill Doherty (as well as Mary Jo Czaplewski, ex officio, and Carl Williams, recorder). The purpose of the meeting was to explore a fresh vision, new ideas, and agenda for NCFR. The committee was not to look at long-range planning but rather to discuss specific recommendations to define the key issues to be dealt with in the future. Three global issues were discussed:

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  2. The environment, including the state of family science programs, the student pool and impact on NCFR’s future, delivery of research and programs, and facing competition.
  3. NCFR’s role—member driven, following mission and goals, and NCFR’s unique niche.
  4. Big-picture areas to change or refocus, such as limited media publicity; and the nature of Board and staff structure (trust, micro-management issues, diversity issues, complexity and size of Board, and extension of presidency term).

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 A summary of the recommendations of this group was published and shared with members in September 1997. It was at this meeting, in order to give ample time for a national search, that Executive Director Mary Jo Czaplewski announced that she would be retiring on July 1, 1999.


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