Journals and Publications in 1971–72

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Family Coordinator published special issues on “Aging and the Family” and “Variant Marriage Styles and Family Forms.” Guest editors for these special issues were Felix Berardo for the former Marvin Sussman for the latter. This became a paperback book entitled “Non-Traditional Family Forms in the 1970s.”

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The November 1971 issue of the Journal of Marriage and the Family carried a special section on “Violence and the Family.”

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 The Decade in Review of Family Theory, Research, and Social Action, edited by Carlfred Broderick, became available as a paperback book with wide circulation.

4 Leave a comment on paragraph 4 0 In 1972, NCFR published the second edition of the National Directory of Graduate Programs in Family Studies/National Directory of Post Doctoral Opportunities in Family Studies/National Roster of Ongoing Research in Family Studies.


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