1948 World Congress on the Family and Birth of the IUFO

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 Another coalition on the international level became an NCFR focus in 1948: that of the World Congress on the Family, to which 300 delegates from 28 countries from both governmental and private agencies interested in family social and cultural issues attended. Representing NCFR was Abraham Stone, MD, President of the American Association of Marriage Counselors. Delegates from the American Embassy in France and UNESCO were among the participants.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 The Congress was divided into five sections: (1) Family Standards of Living, (2) Housing Problems, (3) Women’s Work and the Family, (4) Relations Between Parents and Children, and (5) The Role of Family Organizations in the State and the Nation. Emphasis throughout the congress was on the importance of family as the basic social unit and the need of preserving its social and cultural values. Post–World War II conditions had seriously affected family stability. The enormous migrations, increased participation of women in industrial work, lack of adequate housing, and numerous other social, physical and psychological factors were having a negative impact on families. It was felt that private and governmental agencies should strive to ameliorate these hardships and maintain and strengthen family life. Through the reports of various countries, it was evident that functions and points of view of the various representatives were diverse. However, discussions were open and free, with interchange of ideas. In the end it was unanimously agreed that a permanent international body be initiated to serve as an information and data exchange on family life.  A resolution was put forth and unanimously adopted giving birth to the International Union of Family Organizations, of which, at the urging of David and Vera Mace, NCFR became an active member for many years. Evelyn Millis Duvall served for many years as the NCFR representative.  (see ratification resolution on p. 11 Vol. 10:4 1948 MFL)  


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