Journals and Publications in 1958–59

Ivan Nye was appointed Editor of Marriage and Family Living for 1960–63. He added a new department, “Articles in Brief,” as an additional publication outlet. William Smith was editor of the “Teacher Exchange” section, and Edward Z. Dager prepared a review of family research for the journal. Read the March 1959 NCFR Newsletter Read the May 1959 NCFR Newsletter Read the October 1959 NCFR Newsletter

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Awards and Affiliates in 1958–59

The first Ernest W. Burgess Award for 1958 went to Mildred B. Kantor and Howard S. Gall for their research entitled “Some Consequences of Physical and Social Mobility of Families for the Adjustment of Children.” The Minnesota Council on Family Relations offered annually as many as six 1-year NCFR membership awards to promising persons in the fields of law, social work, ministry, high school and college family life teaching, marriage counseling, and journalism. The purpose was to encourage their participation in both the Minnesota Council on Family Relations and NCFR.

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Structure and Governance in 1958–59

Sections and chairs that year were as follows: Community, chaired by Esther Prevey Parent Education, chaired by Lloyd Lovell Religion and the Family, chaired by Edward Zerin Cooperative Nursery Schools, chaired by LaVern LaMaque Family and Life Education in Schools, chaired by Florence L. D. Heal Family and Life Education in Colleges, chaired by William M. Smith Research, chaired by Ivan Nye Counseling, chaired by Blaine Porter  

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Leadership in 1958–59

Henry A. Bowman became the 16th NCFR President, serving through 1959. He was a professor at the University of Texas. Earlier he had taught at Stephens College, where more than 6,000 students took his marriage course. His textbook, Marriage for Moderns, was used by hundreds of thousands of undergraduate students. He also wrote A Christian Interpretation of Marriage. His articles appeared in numerous scholarly and popular magazines and collection of readings on marriage and the family. Bowman had spent some time in Australia and New Zealand, working with the National Marriage Guidance Councils under a grant from the U.S. State Department. In […]

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Membership and Journals and Publications in 1957–58

A motion was passed urging all NCFR members, acting through local, state, and regional councils, to support actively the effort for better national marriage and divorce statistics. Read the March 1958 NCFR Newsletter Read the May 1958 NCFR Newsletter Read the October 1958 NCFR Newsletter Gerald R. Leslie was Acting Editor of Marriage and Family Living (MFL) while Editor Harold Christensen was in Denmark on a Research Fulbright Fellowship. A special issue of MFL was published in August 1958 on the topic “Government Services Affecting American families.” Hugh Carter, Chief of the Marriage and Divorce Analysis section of the National Office of […]

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Structure and Governance in 1957–58

Dues were increased at the 1958 board meeting to $7.50. Ten 1-year international courtesy subscriptions were created to be granted by the Editor of Marriage and Family Living on the basis of member nominations. Section chairs that year were as follows: Counseling, cochaired by Gerhard Neubeck and David M. Fulcomer Research, chaired by Donald Longworth Education for Marriage and Family Living in the Schools, chaired by Florence L. D. Heal Education for marriage and Family Living in the Colleges, chaired by Richard K. Kerckhoff Education for Marriage and Family Living in the Community, chaired by Marie Rousseau Cooperative Nursery Schools, chaired […]

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1958 Conference: Marriage, the Family, and the NCFR: 1938–1958

The 1958 Annual Conference was held at the University of Oregon, in Eugene, August 10–13. It was the 20th anniversary of the founding of NCFR, and 260 people attended. The theme was “Marriage, the Family, and the NCFR: 1938–1958.” The focus was on past developments of the organization and the field, its present status and issues, and challenges to be met. The opening session was led by Aaron L. Rutledge, and the closing speaker was Gerald R. Leslie. Rutledge predicted changes in legal interpretations and called for greater interdisciplinary efforts. Leslie analyzed the dilemma of family life educators who, “on the one […]

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Leadership in 1957–58

Mildred Morgan was elected NCFR’s 15th President. She took office at the conclusion of the 1957 Annual Conference, in August, and served through the 1958 Annual Conference. She was a professor of home and family life at Florida State University and was instrumental in the development of the Interdivisional Program in Marriage and Family Living at the university. The following is an excerpt from Morgan‘s Presidential Address: Contrary to common assumption, the sex drive does not disappear with the climacteric in men and women, although it does wane. Most sexologists agree that it depends upon how the aging human being feels about aging. Masters and Johnson and […]

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