1942–43: Membership, Awards, Affiliates, and Journals and Publications

Membership in 1942–43 continued to grow. No awards were made because there were no conferences. State and regional councils continued to meet and grow during these war years as “family science” became more recognized and a top public issue. The Connecticut Council on Family Relations (CFR) met at Yale University on February 9. The theme was “Family Problems as Observed by a Prenatal Clinic.” Speaker Lloyd Thompson described a new course for prospective fathers that was very successful. The Indiana and Kentucky Councils met jointly on May 22–23. The California CFR met at the University of California, Berkeley. The Southern Regional CFR […]

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Structure and Governance in 1942–43

The NCFR Board business meeting took place at the Annual Conference and included selecting the new officers: Ernest Burgess, President; Sidney E. Goldstein, Vice President; and Evelyn Millis Duvall, Secretary–Treasurer. The board accepted Mary K. White’s resignation as Executive Director of the preceding 2 years and thanked her for her excellent services. She was given lifetime membership in NCFR as a token of appreciation. Several resolutions were adopted at the business meeting. Among them was a resolution calling for the adoption of the Price Control Bill by Congress to assure a satisfactory standard of living during wartime despite the danger of inflation and […]

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1943 Conference: Marriage In War Time

Pearl Harbor hurled the United States into World War II on December 7, 1941. By 1942, the country was fully involved. NCFR’s Annual Conference that year had been scheduled for December 28–30, with the theme  “Marriage in War Time.”  In cooperation with the Office of Civil Defense, the conference was canceled in order to keep train travel reserved for the military troops. The 1943 Annual Conference, which was to have taken place May 21–23, 1943, was also canceled, for the same reasons. However, during those years, NCFR members and the growing affiliates were busy.

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Leadership in 1942–43

Ernest W. Burgess became NCFR’s fourth President (1942–44) while at the same time continuing as editor of the journal Marriage and Family Living. He was a prime example of the dedication and passion of our early founders. He was one of the three individuals who started NCFR. As Secretary those first 3 years, he communicated nationwide with prospective regional and state interest groups, kept records of the membership dues, was involved in the planning of the first annual conferences, and continued outstanding work as a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago. He was so passionate about scholarship and research […]

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